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Recently I read, “Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God” (John 17:3).

Wow simple lang… kung titingnan mo sa salita ng Diyos, may makikita kang isang bagay na God wants for us, longs for us and waits for us. Sounds like clips from a love story sa movies… or some reality show, He wants to be close to you… He wants you to love Him…

Do you ever remember sitting around waiting for that special girl or guy to text you or come by? Do you remember getting an email or an invitation on your friendster by that someone you were dreaming about?

It’s funny that we all may have felt that way and we don’t see our God that way.

But… do we see God’s part? Do we see God as the kind of God waiting by the computer to get a smile sent to Him on His friendster? Alam mo bang kahit ang Diyos man ay kinikilig din kung makakatanggap siya ng text messsage na galing sa iyong cellphone?

We see God as pinakamalakas at makapangyarihan sa lahat. No one is like Him. There is no one.

And yet we don’t see God as the kind of God longing to be loved by you. Kailangan Niya ang pag-ibig mo!

The greatest command is to love Him (Mark 12:20-30, Mathew 22:36-38). He wants us to pursue Him ng buong puso. Wow! It’s getting hot here… love na love story ‘to ah…

God longs to be desired just like you.

Most of us don’t see our relationship with God as a romance. We should. In TLW we share that God’s love is everlasting (Jeremiah 31:3).

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  1. I attended a talk this week and the topic was about ‘Solutions to Addictions.’ The speaker said that if anything consumes MOST of your time, MOST of your money and MOST of your energy, then you are addicted to that.

    I wondered: Could there be such a thing as LOVE addiction. Or rather, addiction to the FEELING of love which most young people mistake for REAL love and makes them end up with regrettable decisions after a while. Good news, however, there are several forms of addiction which, when acquired, have tremendous POSITIVE side- and after-effects. There’s PRAYER addiction, BIBLE addiction, CHURCH addiction and on top of that, GOD addiction.

    So I wondered again: If mankind acquires the greatest addiction, i.e., GOD addiction, all rehabilitation centers in the world will surely have a run for their money!

  2. …wow'””,,, nice talaga…

    GOd is SO GOOD….

    …tnx powh…

    ..my natutunan na naman.. AKO””


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