12 Qualities of a Great Partner – Part 1

TLW, Franco, Amanda Grace and Derek are here to guide you and how can you understand unless you have a guide a man once said, and he proceeded to alow someone to guide him and his life changed forever! Enjoy reading.

1. Happy disposition

-Look for a happy, optimistic person. Find someone who has a sense of humor and can laugh at himself/herself. True happiness springs from a content heart. Beware of the person who is only happy when you are around. You’re going to get tired of being responsible for another person’s happiness. You could end up feeling guilty when the person slips into bouts of depression. True happiness is a part of a person’s character, regardless of the circumstances.


-How does your date treat his parents and yours? Chances are you’ll get treated very much the same way. Does he see things that need to be done and offer to help? Or does he put his own needs first? Does he open doors for you and wait to seat you at the table? Manners are important – and they seldom get better after marriage.

3. Not easily angered

-Temper out bursts can be the symptom of internal hostility. This hostility is often repressed during courtship as a person is trying hard to be on his best behavior. Take seriously any outbursts you observe, and check with others who have known this person in different situations to see if they have noticed this trait. The way a woman treats her younger brother may be an indication of how she will treat her husband. Be leery of the person who has not learned to express his anger in words and instead merely harbors angry feelings in his heart. Going silent and withdrawing from a loved one because of anger is unhealthy and damaging to a relationship. Be sure you date a person long enough to observe how easily he or she becomes angry and how these feelings are expressed. Ask yourself, “Is this what I want to live with for a lifetime?”

4. Willing to solve problems

-It’s almost impossible to solve relationship problems by yourself. Marry someone who will be honest enough to admit being wrong, who doesn’t have a habit of blaming others.

32 thoughts on “12 Qualities of a Great Partner – Part 1”

  1. hI k.Derek

    Nice blogs, i really enjoy reading your issues and articles about waiting…Keep it up guys..

    gracey here searching the universe for my future Mr.

  2. Hi, I love this article. I want to share it to my partner. We are happily in love ng Labs ko at magandang malaman nya na tama pla ang mga ginagawa naming habits of love. We found the best qualities we have.

    God bless! =)

  3. this blog will help young people find their their dream person, or their partners if they possess those great qualities. and i am happy Derek that you’ve mentioned that it’s our responsibility to look for our partner, and i do agree with that. But we can have these person w/ the good qualities, only if we also have developed ourselves and be a great partner . because we attract those who are like us- so if you’re a happy person, you’ll attract a happy person too.

  4. Hey Gracey…. anong sabihin….did you say you were looking for Mr. Universe ba

    Kahanga hanga…Bundok na lalaki….

    Joke… Thanks for your comment, say hi to Katrina… and pag dating ng araw may fan club para sa kanya… I want to be in it.

    Oh and did you know that Kai is in America??

  5. Hi Jeff, We will always pray for you and other young people that you will be patient with yourself and your True Love until Marriage. Glad you found each other.

  6. Elektra Tamang tama…

    Kung manging… King … You Will attract a Queen! sa tingin ko, you are a princess na!

    Royalty is waiting for you out there somewhere. Your Friend – Derek

  7. hahaha!;p am a princess na? you think so? hehehe… am struggling sa mga imperfections ko and am doing things for my personal improvement.. sana nga malapit na akong maging queen… i may not be “the best person” yet, but i know i am a work in progress… so in time, yeah i will meet my king! 😉

    thanks for praying for us;p

  8. hi kuya n ate Kai 🙂

    these traits were the exact opposite of my ex. no wonder we didnt work out. thanks for enlightening me 🙂 san na po yung iba pa? 🙂

  9. hi its a nice blog and i like it.its my first time to read this and very timing because as of now im really looking for a real good partners and this blog can help me a lot.God bless and keep up the good work.

  10. halla!
    im a so called hopless romantic! wahaha… =)
    well im single and those are the traits that i want my future partner has…

  11. it was really good… hehe… i have some things to add to my qualifications… at the same time i, myself should also be what my future partner wants… hehe… thanks!!! i’ve learned a lot… God bless!!!

  12. YEah…

    God wants to change all of us.

    YOU change you and I will change me. Kai always says dont fix me,….I’m not broken…

    True…. we dont need someone else to fix us. We can work on changing ourselves.

    Bahala ka and me also,…

    If someone else changes us we just might change back. Thanks Keziah!

    Kuya Derek

  13. hi!
    im really glad of this article.. and im glad that he( the one im dating right now) posesses those qualities.. i’m looking forward to the next ones.. please also pray for the courtship we’re having right now. thanks.. more power and God bless!

  14. Hey Divine,….

    Sana,… he makes it to the final round… past the next four…

    parang star struck o pinoy big brother…

    Deal or no deal…

    We are praying for you. Derek

  15. Mark Anthony Reginan

    hi kuya derek,

    This topic is great! This will help me answers the common questions of young people today (how to find my future mate? they are billions out there!) when they will ask me, sana ma-include ko sa radio program ito this coming sunday or perhaps on the 3rd week. sayang! bitin!


  16. how can i be sure if a guy really loves me? cause we have a long distace relationship…can you please help me?

  17. I wish this can be shared sa lahat ng universities (around the country) even in Bible schools and seminaries…

  18. hi!! grabe sana magamit ko yang mga qualities na yan sa pghhnap ng gf.. kaso I dont know kung kelan ako dapat pumasok sa isang relationship.. Should i wait?? kasi bilang isang guy diba dapat ako gumawa ng first move.. Pero this article will help me a lot in finding my true love..

  19. Hi Mark!

    “Should i wait?? kasi bilang isang guy diba dapat ako gumawa ng first move..”

    mahirap maging lalaki ano?kaya am grateful babae ako! &;D Yes, even if you are a man you should wait for God’s perfect timing. Mahirap maghintay pero it’s all worth the wait.


  20. Hi kuya Derek!

    I am blessed by everything that I read in this site. allow me to repost some of them in my personal page.

    How are you, ate Amanda and the kids? Thank you for sharing your life w/ us.

    Hope to see you again soooon.

    God bless you. More of God’s power to your TLW ministry.

    In His everlasting love,

  21. hi!

    sometimes i thimk na sana gnun ung bf q!! but i know my mga pagkakaiba ang mga tao!! natural lang ba na maging mababaw ang isang tao 2 da point na parang mali na?!

  22. hi.. SIR derek and company.
    just pass by to say thank 4 this site it help me a lot.. thank u so much.. i hope i can be apart of this site.. see all @ TRANSFORMER

  23. haha,andaming nagcomment!daming nakakunek!isa ko dun!wahahwhaha… exciting! i read from your previous articles that God gave eve to adam when he was asleep..sobrang naexcite ako xe ganito pla ung mga mlmang na pineprepare ni God for me while i’m concentrating sa studies and ministries ko..lalo akong naencourage to be a better person dahil napaka-wow ng mga hinahanda ni God for me!

  24. great to have this site for young ones and young once( but still loves to grow in , for and with God)…praying for others to ‘discover’ this youth and love oriented site .. More blessings TLW!

  25. heLLo! thnx for posting this article! I learned something new and it increased the firmness of my decision.

    I just wanna share, which I once read: “Don’t find for the ideal person!, Be the ideal person and that ideal person will come to u !”


  26. elow!! this is my fist tym to have comment for ya’ll.. ahm.. what can i say.. well im so blessed because well, now i have no bf..but i’ve learned more from this blog.. it bounces me as a christian.. and taught me how to handle a strong relationship..

    Waiting on God’s will on our lovelife, is the best thing to do co’z He alone knows whats best for us..& while waiting for God’s perfect man for u, be the right lady first for that right man… true10love16waits!

  27. hello!!!!!1

    this is my first time to visit this website and find it very educational especially to me because this will help me in searching for the right man…….I never have a bf since birth and I’m 21 now this blog really help me a lot.

  28. hello po!

    i’m new here..overwhelmed nmn po ako sa website na ‘to.. ^_^
    nkkrelate po xe ak…heheh! i’m a member din po ng NBSB club! ;p
    i’m 24 now and still patiently waiting for my Mr. Right! ehhehe!

    nways, share ko lng din po eto… all of us want to get married, right? but marriage is not all about love…there are so many factors need to be considered.and one of those is that your relationship with your partner…and that relationship affects your children in the future…remember, how a person is nurtured and disciplined at home reflect the person as a whole…and that is a big responsibility for us as future parents…our children’s lives do not only affect us but also other people surround him/her, the society and the community…so marriage is a very serious matter..it’s no joke at all…im saying this because of what is going on in our country…our present situation is only a reflection of our carelessness and selfishness…we say we no longer have hope…but the truth is we have HOPE! only if we make right and godly choices…we can help…lets start in our generation…don’t settle for less…lets set God standards in our lives… just keep on praying for it… God knows us better than we know ourselves….trust HIM fully! =)

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