12 Qualities of a Great Partner – Part 2

TLW, Franco, Amanda Grace and Derek are here to guide you and how can you understand unless you have a guide a man once said, and he proceeded to allow someone to guide him and his life changed forever! Enjoy reading.

5. Purity

-Purity is not just an old fashioned virtue. It’s just safer to date someone who hasn’t played around. Pero don’t hold it against a person for past sexual involvement. You cannot always judge a person’s true purity by virginity alone. Mind purity is equally important. Is your date pure in his thoughts and speech, as well as behaviour? What jokes does he tell? What music does he listen to? What movies does he watch? What books or magazines does she read? Are they pure or suggestive? Mind pollution can lead to disrespect of the opposite sex.

6. Truthful

-Too ofen couples play games when they are becoming acquainted. Playing games in a relationship is a form of dishonesty. Marriage isn’t a game. It’s a serious lifetime commitment. Search your own feelings and share honestly during your courtship. Be you!

7. Accepts Responsibility

-Here are some questions that might detect irresponsibility: Does she see things that need to be done and do them? Does he volunteer to help? Does she get to places on time? Does he make lame excuses to get out of responsibilities? Does she take her talents seriously and work to improve her skills? Does he take care of his personal possessions?… Think about it. Just how responsible is the person you are dating?

8. Good Sense of Self Worth

-Often in a dating relationship, someone with a poor self-esteem may glean a sense of value from you. They become dependent on you to make them feel good. If you don’t want to live a lifetime having to tiptoe around a person’s fragile ego or having to hold yourself back for fear of how your spouse will react, then be careful not to get emotionally involvedwith someone who has a low sense of self-worth.

Watch out for the last series very soon.

8 thoughts on “12 Qualities of a Great Partner – Part 2”

  1. What??!! I guess it really matters naman diba. For me, umm… wait for thr right person na lang, because I believe that there is the perfect man or woman out there for each and every one of us. 🙂 ( Taga TUMCS 2!!)

  2. haynako,nakakairita kea nagseselfpity ung kausap mo..lalo na pag OA!tska pinakanagstrike sken is ung responsibility..parang oo nga noh,pure nga and all the good stuff pero antamad nman tska nakakainis ung magwiweave pa tlga ng ala-thesis para lang magreason out at makaiwas sa gawaen..grabe ministry nyo!galeng galeng ni Lord!

  3. yah.. i thnk u just nid to wait for da ryt person to come u dnt nid to rush things.. kw dn u might end up with the wrong one

  4. haha!!wow!!galing nun ah..now,i believe sum1 better ang nkaplan for me..haha..i jst hav to wait coz God s still writing my luvstory,ryt//

  5. hhhmm..
    I just thought of my guy bestfriend… hmmm..
    Anyway,, SeriousneSs is just around.. just grab it ..

    “If u are happy with the wrong one, what more to the right one” !

  6. Kuya Franco….Uhmmm…Ask ko lang po kung ano ang pwedeng gawin pag may mahal ka na hindi Christian…Bawal po ba talaga?

  7. Hi juvy,

    It like also asking whom do you really follow- Jesus or own will?

    Having different beliefs of faith will give you great confusion and pressure who must dominate.

    Check your motives also.

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