12 Qualities of a Great Partner – Part 3


9. Accepts you just the way you are.

-True Love is unconditional love. The important question to ask is, “Do I love her/his faults?” Only when you can truly love the total person, including all the points and bad habits, can you accept your mate for who he is and not secretly wish you could change him/her.

10. Willing to grow.

– Good marriage grow together. They encourage each other to maximize their knowledge, skills and potential. Make sure the person you date seriously is the kind of person who is open to learning and will make changes when changes need to be made.

11. Affectionate.

– The ability to express love through words and actions is vital for an intimate love relationship. Look for tender words, acts and touches that are given naturally and “appropriately” throughout the day, and not just in private.

12. Relationship with God.

– It’s very important for a marriage partner to have a personal relationship with God. Look for someone who is spiritually sensitive and willing to follow God’s law. A spirit-filled life is one filled with love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance. A person who exhibits these traits is certainly easier to live with than someone who doesn’t. What about your date/ if you’re interested in a realChristian, make sure his faith is part of his life 24 hours a day.

Sana ay nakatulong ng malaki ang listahan na aming ibinahagi sa inyo lagi lamang tandaan na above all always ask God the author of Love He could never go wrong.

15 thoughts on “12 Qualities of a Great Partner – Part 3”

  1. grabe sa wakas nabasa ko din… I’m going to share this to my friends… and to my special friend…

  2. hey nica and brian thank you for reading this blog but we want you not just to read it but really consider and pray that we could also be the person who has all that qualities….watch out for more ok…and again thanks for sharing it with everybody you know..

    God loves you,


  3. im 21, i know ive been tru a lot of relationships, the qualities uv mentioned are really a good standard in confirmg a lifetime partner, pero meron pa po bang ganun? is it really true that God has someone reserved for each one of us? mejo natrauma po kc ko sa mga past relationships, and i cant even think na mayroon pang magtataglay ng mga ganung qualities? nwei, nevertheless i appreciate ur artcle. to God be the glory!

  4. nice blogs! thanks for letting young people like us know about these things. sobrang nakakatulong siya! buti n lang at nalaman ko po ang tlw website! grabe! tlw really rocks! sna po mkapagbigay kau ng talk or seminars sa colleges or universities! im from college of the holy spirit. hope u cud visit our school! thanks 😉 kip up d gudwork & GODBLESS!

  5. amen!!we shud look tlaga 4 the ryt person in the ryt time and while waiting 4 dat we shud do our best to be the ryt person for that ryt person..

  6. hi yhen,, keep on trusting GOd.. there are still people who posses these qualities especially when they are serious of their faith^_^ keep belivin!!

    jst like the song goes,,,”God is too wise to be mistaken, God is too good to be unkind, so when you dont understand, when you dont see His plan, when you can’t trace HIs hand trust His heart,”^_^

    i hope that helped!!^_^

  7. hi tlw…thank God 4 your lives… you have no idea how excited i am to meet any one of you. im from san jose del monte bulacan.

    i’ve watched 700club when they have shown the marvelous things God has done on your organization and since then i really get so excited to meet you guys.i’m a Church youth leader and I was planning to organize an event about Love,courtship and marriage. because God has opened our eyes here in our place that there are countless youth souls who go astray because of lack of wisdom and knowledge. i believe that there is a very big hunger for the truth about waiting for God’s best and surrendering your life and your will to Jesus.

    thanx a lot and may the Good Lord bless your organization.!

  8. ..its really nice na there is a website na will help alot of teenagers like me..it is my second time to visit this site and i can say na i’ve learned alot na from the articles or topics featured..it is also a way of motivation for us to say what’s on our mine.
    thanks alot..

  9. The tendency is to look for that person with the 12 qualities. For me, these qualities should start within us (me). If that happens, it wouldn’t become just an ideal list, but rather a reality. Keep it up! God bless!

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