6 Women Dressed Like You!

According to one of the interesting people I met he mentions that “when you put the pictures of how the girls dress today with the hookers of the 70’s wala daw makikitang pag-kakaiba” wasn’t that a very sad statement. But it is the reality saan na nga ba patungo ang fashion statement ng ating mga kabataan lalo na ang mga girls ngayon. In my observation as I walk on the streets, malls at kahit saan pa you would see girls dress up or should I say dress down to tempt guys and the sad thing is they don’t know that guys are having lustful thoughts or pagnanasa sa bawat parte ng katawan nilang naka-expose. For girls they would just say “self-expression”, “mind your own body pwede!”, “if you have it flaunt it”,. Our generation now has been and continually fed by immoralities especially in some parts of media that we are so corrupted and twisted (don’t get me wrong I love media but we need to know when to draw the line).

Be Modest!

My only question to you is this: Is it ok that your future husband would also be sorrounded by 6 women dressed like you whose wearing low-cut, belly showing, thigh peeping, see- through, body hugging clothes. It’s time to have a Fashion Revolution committed to uphold MODESTY DRESSING in all occasion. In one of the articles I’ve read the reason why Eve is naked is bcoz of Adam they are husband and wife Eve’s body belong to only one man alone. Just like you all your body parts are only for your husband and wife’s not to anybody EXCLUSIVITY APPLIES!.

” Women needs to be modest in their appearance. They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pearls or expensive clothes”. 1Timothy 2:9

Our hope for everyone is that when a man looks at you, before he sees your fashion and accessories that he would see inside of you by the good things you do. Now that’s attractive!

Be skinless, cover up and be modest…show less skin and more heart!

7 thoughts on “6 Women Dressed Like You!”

  1. yeah agree. in our school, we even had a seminar on dressing up properly. sabi pa nga, nasa school tayo to learn and not to show-off or magmaganda dun..

  2. tama yan sis we need to know that in dressing up we also need to dress down and look if this is making other people see the real me behind my clothes..

    you are precious,

    ate kai

  3. opo…that’s true….dpat maging decent tau…on what we are wearing…because sometimes it causes na mabastos diba,,,,ikaw pa ung gumawa para mabastos ka….pede ka namn mag-wear ng ganun…ung tipong ok namn xia…hindi ung lumalabas na lahat….gumagawa ka na talaga ng motibo para mpansin ka…mali po diba….being simple,,,,is definitely awesome diba….di ginawa ng diyos na panget ang tao,,,,,pantay-pantay po tau…ryt???….u dont need to wear anything just to make other sw you beautiful….beautiful is in the heart of everyone….not by the physical appearance….

  4. Sis.,We can make a difference from others.Their so many ways to make yourself look decent and presentable.And man nowadays are not looking for physical appearance but inner appearance and thats our heart.Be simple and be Yourself

  5. We might cause others to make mistakes if we are unaware of how we cloth ourselves. It’s good you help encourage us teens to dress properly.. As one of the sayings goes”It’s better to be old-fashioned and right than to be updated and wrong”

  6. I can relate to this article.

    Yung mga babae ngayon, di lang immodest sa pananamit. Pati yung asal nila ngayon at yung arrogance na dala ng sobrang “Radical liberal feminism” nakaka-turn off. Kaya nga ilan sa amin sa school wala pang girlfriend eh. They demand (the girls) extreme respect and devotion from the opposite sex but their attitude and sense of decency seems to tell otherwise. Dapat kasi ang mga tao ngayon (both boys and girls) bumalik na lang kasi sa mga simple values. Yung di externals ang masyasong focus kundi ang development as good, humble, and really lovable people.

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