7 Things I’ll Surely Miss

School is almost about to end. And for those who passed already their requirements to their teachers and professors, cguro na kahinga na rin kayo ng maluwag. Isang taon o semester na naman ang natapos.

But for sure, you’re going to miss things na nakasanayan niyo na kapag me pasok.

Bonding time with your klasmates, teaching aids ng teachers niyo, kwek-kwek sa canteen na tig pipiso lang! Anuman ‘yan give us TOP 7 things that you’re going to miss as the school year ends. And explain why?rcl10.jpg








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11 thoughts on “7 Things I’ll Surely Miss”

  1. Juan Carlos Natividad

    Well i study in Claret Q.C. and here’s my list of things that i’m gonna miss! 🙂

    1.Friends! who doesn’t miss those?I’m gonna miss our lokohan sessions held daily!
    2.Pressure! Do you know that satisfying pressure you get when you’re piled up with a whole bunch of homeworks, projects and stuff? weird but i miss it.
    3.Canteen! This is my sanctuary i love food! who doesn’t?
    4.The morning ceremony, I’m definitely going to miss this especially the pasaway moments of my classmates.
    5.My desk, I spent my whole year with this inanimate object and it’s not surprising that i miss it! LOL
    6.Teachers even though they give you tons of stuff to do and make you sleep late cuz of their projects they’re only doing there job, they aren’t all bad.
    7.Riding the school bus, I’ll definitely miss this cuz every morning i rush out of bed just to catch up with mine! 🙂

    there you go my list of things to miss from school! 😛

  2. mark daniel pascual

    hahahah!!! this is cool!!! well kahit na nakakapagod ang skuling eh meron din naman ako mamimizz d2! ngapala im from NPC(navotas Polytechnic College)
    Educ. student!!! ang mga mamimizz ko ay
    1. ang mga pahirap at nakakapuyat na pag rereview pag may quiz at major exams…
    2. pagpunta sa library pag may assignment at research!!! hayyyy kakamizzz!!!
    3. mga praktis pag may mga play at drama!!! hayyy nakakapagod!!!!
    4. pangungulit sa prof…. hehehe!!! kakamizz din sila kahit marami sila pinapagawa!!!
    5. syempwe mga frendz koh sa skul!!! ung kulitan pag break, hiraman ng reviewer, tulungan sa report, atbp….
    6 ung siopao at milo sa canteen (sana walang karton ung siopao) at tsaka ung saging at palabok ni nanay sa labas ng skul (huhuhuh matagal din ako di makakakain nun!!!!)
    7. ang pinakahuli ay ang skul syempre tsaka ung klasrum ung tam,bayan namin sa ilalim ng puno o kaya sa lobby!!!

    hayyyy kakamizz din ang skuling kahit na nakakapagod!!!! Godbless!!!

  3. friends ko sa skul kac sila ang naging strength mo sa skul. Sila ang nagpatawa at nagpasaya sa akin.

  4. nag- aaral po ako sa ICTHS..

    1. friends- kac sila ang naging kapatid mo sa skul. Sila ang nagpatawa at nagpasaya sa akin .
    2. enemies- dahil mamimiss ko ang pag-aawayan namin..
    3. Teachers-mamimiss ko ang mga sermon nila lalo na kapag masyado kaming pasaway
    4. Activities sa skul- mamimiss ko din ang mga activitites sa skul dahil sa mga papremyong bibnibigay [hahaha…]
    5. crush- siguradong kahit sino naman ay mamimiss ang crush nila sa skul dahil sila ang inspirayon mo sa araw-araw
    6. Canteen- ang canteen ang pinaka mamimiss ko dahil ito ang lugar kung saan kami nag-bobonding ng mga friends ko at dito ko laging nakikita ang crush ko [kakakilig…]
    7. Ang skul- mamimiss ko ang skul dahil sa loob ng 10 months ay parang ito na ang naging tahanan ng bawat isa sa amin. Dito kami natutong magmahal at mangarap. Dito ko nakilala ang mga maituturing kong yunay na kaibigan…

  5. Ma. Concepcion C. Payongayong

    1. I will miss my school! i spent 7 years of my life here and now that ive finally graduated in college oh… i can say that im really leaving my alma mater.
    2. My college classmates and friends, before, i thot that when i graduated i won’t be missing them instead il feel that “hey at last il experience living far from you, it’s like new life trying to be independent” but then during graduation i found myself crying in front of them because i can’t stand the thot that we won’t be seeing each other anymore..
    3. One of my teacher ahehe i used to have a small business the autoload ahaha he’s my regular customer and ill miss the fact that monthly, im earning almost 500 instantly because of him ahaha
    4. i will miss the classrooms! it’s aircondition, very condusive and really relaxing!
    5. I miss my allowance ahahahaha of course since im already a graduate my parents stop giving my allowance..who won’t miss it? bwahahaha
    6. i will miss the idea that i won’t never be a student again…those times already ended and i can never bring them back again
    7. i will miss my teachers, some became my inspiration to become a teacher (yup that’s why i can never be a student since this coming june i will become the teacher), some who gave me the strength to fulfill my dreams through proving them that i can do it (ahehe they are those who humilate me ahihi) and those who taught me so many lessons not those coming from books but from real life experiences.

  6. i actually graduated just a year ago but i still do miss school… a month after graduation day, i started working.. why so fast? i was not looking up into earning money that time but i committed myself to the working world because i thought i would be bored without schooling and i was very excited to see what is in the “real world” but lately, i actually feel burn out everyday… maybe our guidance councilor is right when she advised me not to push myself into working that fast for i might feel tired on the middle of the race… but i have God, He is my strength

    i miss schooling so much… and i always catch myself thinking about my experiences… awww wish i could turn back time haha

    7 things I ALWAYS MISS about schooling

    1. my books, notes-taking, homeworks, projects, plates, exams, etc.
    since i started going to school, i am a very responsible student and consistent in belonging to Top10 of the class and i actually feel sad whenever there classes were suspended, i hate to miss submitting projects and homeworks because every single project, i gave my best to it and in exams, i always prepare myself for heavy reviewing and very happy to attend my classmates questions about our lessons

    2. my classmates, my friends
    of course, i won’t be happy without the diverse kinds of my classmates… my studying group and my chums! together we’ve grown up and explored more things in life

    3. my teachers, my tutors from Ateneo
    teachers gave a great impact to my life, i respect each one of them and i usually tried to see what could i get from them so i could be inspired in studying and even in living… all of us encountered terror teachers but they were the one whom i love because despite of their title, they are transparent and they really know how to handle the class and how to put their lessons in our minds along with the fear factor haha and our student tutors from Ateneo, they were in highschool that time and teaching kids in public elementary school but they brought new teachings to us and gave us inspiration to study harder and reach for a college degree in respective schools

    4. the classrooms and educational tours!
    in a life of a student, our rooms were the witness of all our efforts and how we were growing up but educational tours really helped us to know about historical places and had a good time with classmates in a fun trip… i miss going to “nayong pilipino” 🙂

    5. several contests i joined, school newspapers
    our school in elementary always sent me to several contests but i feel sad that i actually do not have a single picture taken in all contests… and i did not bring any of my family member to accompany me, why? because i feel shy and not confident along with them, seeing me competing with other students
    there were also school newspapers written about contests i’ve won but i was not able to keep any clippings of it
    but joining several contests improved my skills and i had chances to let people see that God is with me and He is supporting me at all times and developed me to won!

    6. allowance: money and food, favorite subject: recess!!!!
    i am very blessed that we have a sari-sari store and my mother always prepare food for me (actually until now, i bring lunch to my work) and since i have food to eat in recess time, i have extra money to earn or to buy something i want
    now that i am working, i actually feel that i have more money back in school than what i have in my salary hahaha
    oh recess time, same food everyday prepared by canteen people… sago,sopas, goto, any nutricious food and sometimes, chichiria haha

    7. i miss my family and God…as my teachers inside and outside school
    He thought me how to be patient in school and how to overcome my fears of rejection… i am a hardworking student but not actually that confident to tell my insights in school. But as years passed by, He exposed me to bigger environment. He guided me in every inch i stepped in every educational level. He is my mentor in school and in work now. He also protected me from bullies and He encouraged me to continue doing my best in school. He gave me good friends, inspiring teachers, cozy environment, best educational gift i would ever had. He sustained my financial needs. He helped my family to let me finished college. He did not give up on me whenever i encountered trouble times. And He gave me a very supportive family.

    I failed to be a Cum Laude in college because of .006 I lacked to meet the average. I felt miserable last year and I still feel sad whenever i remember about it… But God is still good and He gave me a good job. He gave me a great experience in studying.

    I miss the old times but now, all i have to do is to earn for my bigger future and i won’t be here without the journey in school, i learned important lessons and i met good people and God continues to hold me along with my family.

  7. i also miss the security guards who also teased me whenever my sister was late on picking me up in school haha

  8. meyette m. gonzales

    aq nag aRal aq sa the best hehe n skul sa caloocan..ang mababang paaralan ng caloocan..naung taon ay 1st yr collge na quh..at talagang..Grabeh..!!madami talaga qung mami2zzz…
    1.xmpre cnu ba ang d makakamisSsS sa mga frends mu..iba kc ung bonding na nabuo na namn..and almost 4yrs na kaming magkakaibgan..ang nakakalungkot talaga lng merong umaalis,nakakalimot pero xmPre my babalik at bagong nadadagadag..
    2.xmpre ang aming mga teachers…na halos naging talagang magulang samin..na sa twing my nagAaway pnagaauZz nila..oh dvA kht na mrmi kming bnansag na codename nila..hehehmahal namin cLa.
    3.mga projects and actvities…grabeh nga naman d nadadaan sa pakiusapan pa cute tan at palmbngan ang mga tcHerS namin naalala koh pa nga na halos d na kmi m2log dahil sa pagpaprkTs para sa ConTesT aT ngApRkts pa KmI sa Luneta Hehe sayA talaga…
    4.ehehe..xmpre nakakamiz dn ang..mawawala ba sa HaySkul ang cRush,,1st ng mga 1st…hehe..”dumaan na c crush n2lala na naman…”
    5.xmpre nakakamizZ dn ang kwn2han,,biruan,,harutan,,daldalan sa loob ng classroom..ehehe..kmi ang section daw na matatalino nga pero maiingay naman daw kea nga kilala kme sa buon corridor eh..hehe
    6.xmpre ang isa pa sa mami2z ko ay ung mga loko kong mga klazmeyts no..grabeh kc kmi..para kming mgkakapatid..my kua, ate hayy…ang pag2log namin sa loob ng classroom namin pag cmula umaga pa lng nandun ka na sa skul hanggang als dose ng gav ka2prktis hayy kakamizzzz….
    7.xmpre panu mangyayare ang lahat ng yan kung wala ang skul..d2 lahat yan naganap ang kwn2han iyakan payuhan bout sa love lyf family,,utangan namin na lang bayaran..ang awayan…lungkot at saya nanatili kming magkakasama…kht na prkts ng graduation namin dun lang minsan ang section namin sa english lounge alang gnagawa kundi manuod,,ma2log at magpalamig..

    haaiiizzzzTttt,,,lam nio yan pa lng ang mga kakaunting bagay ba mamimisss ko sa ngadaang apat na taon ng aking buhay hayskul…

    heto na namn tau at magcCmula at bubuo ng panibagong pakikipagsapalaran para at sakripisyo para makamit ang aking mga pangarap..Gudbye hayskul…hello College..!!!

  9. I study at St. Ives School at taguig city saYa sa schoOl na To The BEsT…
    mAdaMi ako MAmiMiZ sA SChooL nAMin…

    1.xEmPRE UNg pANGaAsAR SA mgA kAKlASe kAzE nAkAKmISs sILA khiT lAGi ko inAAsAR UNG mGA un nKAKaMisS CLa….

    2.uI pAGTaMbAy sA lABs nG SkUll nAMin kAzE mAY mALapIT na tiNAdahn DUn hALos lAhAT ATa nG STuDEnt nABilI DUn ehH uNG mgA KWEk kWEk(FAVORITE) mGA guLAMAN sayA TAZ maNG bUbuRAot kA sA MGA kAklASE mu…

    3.unG LAGINg mAINGay SA rUm kZe mAINGanY Ako SA RUm ehh mInSAn pAG uNG MGA kakLASe Ko UNg nAGiiNGAy aKO UNG nAPAPagbiBInTANGan nunG ADviSEr naMN gRAbe hALos aRAW aRAW ata akO nApAgBIBIntaNGAn…

    4. KULTAPAN NA!!!!!! kzE PAGkuLTanpAN na graBE lAHt ng BOiz lAGaY nA nG MGa gEll AT kUNG ANu ANu onCE nGA ehh nAKulTApan akO gRAbe iniYAkan ko UNG kAZe sAYANg nMN HABA na nG bUHok ko ehh… pEO mASAYa kaZE nAKaExpIriEnce ako….

    5. EXERCISE SA UMAGA!!!!! kZe pAG eXerCISe nAMin sA mORniNG miNSAn lAGi kamE nAIiWAn laLo nA uNG MGA hIGh SchOol kAME uN… kAzE NAKakaTAMad uNG exErcISe eUN sayA SAYA…


    7. FREE TYM!! pAG FreE TyM TALGA saYA sAYA ANG iNGaY nG Rum NAMin mAy NAGGUigUItaRa my nAG kWENtuHAN aNG SAya PAG FREe tyM kAze napApaHINga ung uTAK namIN hehehHEh…….

    hAIz mAmimIz ko UNg mGA iBA ko KaklAse nA lumIpaT na gRAbE p bWas na Ng pAbaS aNG gr6 na bacth namin tSk tsk….


  10. Here are the winners for the blog: 7 things I’ll surely Miss

    1. Jun Carlos Natividad ( Claret School of Quezon City)
    2. Mark Daniel Pascual ( Novaliches Polytechnic College)
    3. Sarah (ICTHS)
    4. Ma. Concepcion Payongayong
    5. Madz (had Ateneo Tutors)
    6. Meyette Gonzalez (Mababang Paaralan ng Caloocan)
    7. John Philip (St Ives School)

    Claim your freebies Monday-Friday at TLW Office: Rm 302 Metrobank Bldg, Corner Julia Vargas St., Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

    Bring 1 valid school I.D.

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    Love is a great adventure to live!

  11. hello! I’m nica from IETI Alabang.

    graduating na ako ngayon *yey!* pero hindi pa man sumasapit ang graduation
    napapa-isip na ako sa mga bagay na maari kong mamiss..

    1. FRIENDS! super matatag kasi ang barkadahan namin sabay-sabay kami palagi maglunch before pumasok sa OJT.. 😀 tulungan din sa paggawang thesis kahit pa hindi kami magkakagroup. thankful ako kay God kasi sa mga mabubuting kaibigan ko ako napunta 🙂

    2. TRAININGS, REVIEWS, EXAMS! dyan lang naman umiikot ang buhay ko bilang isang estudyante e 😀 kahit mahirap masaya naman! marami kasing natututunan..
    mahal ko pag-aaral ko!

    3. SPORTS FEST! student ako and at the same time cheer dancer din 😀 mamiis ko yung pagsayaw at pagsigaw/tili habang sinasabitan kami ng medal kapag nananalo kami:D ayaw akong payagan ng parents kong sumali sa mga extra curricular activities, sagabal lang daw ito sa studies ko.. pero makulit ako e! haha. sali pa din ako ng sali ^_^

    4. PLANTS vs. ZOMBIES! kapag vacant or walang instructor, halos buong klase eto lang inaatupag 😀 ilang beses na nga kami nasermonan pero.. sige pa din ang laro!

    5. BANANA CUE! ang palagi kong merienda.. sabayan pa ng gulaman ni manang ihaw-ihaw! 😀

    6. ALLOWANCE! salamat kay God at palaging may pera si nanay at tatay para magbigay sakin ng baon! 😀 malaki ang nasi-save ko sa baon ko ^_^ *secret lang ha! baka malaman nila, bawasan pa! hahaha.

    7. TATAY at Nanay! ang aking alarm clock sa umaga 🙂 taga gising ko yan! nakakatuwa kasi paggising ko ay nakaready na ang lahat! hot water pampaligo, almusal, at milo 😀 sabay din kami umaalis ni tatay, ako papasok sa school then sya mamamalengke.. *sya nga ang Mr. Palengke ng buhay namin e!* 😀 si nanay naman ang nagluluto, may business kasi kami! isang bongang-bongang carinderia! nyahaha!

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