Choosing the Right One

National Elections Feature

Choosing the Right One

In a few days, our nation will again make one of the toughest decisions that will impact our lives for the next six years (and more). We will all be electing the next leaders of our country.

Everyone can attest to how this year’s campaign period is unique from the previous elections. Aside from the usual campaign rallies, posters, motorcades, and visitations of the candidates, we also stood as spectators of their televised debates.

We post our opinions online, we are vocal on the candidates we want to vote, and we freely entertain discussions and debates of our own with our colleagues, friends, and family. We can say that the Filipinos, this time, are more involved.

If there is anything we can get from this controversial and dramatic turn of events before the national elections, it is that our choice matters. Our single vote is significant.

Maybe some of us have already made up our minds. Maybe some are still undecided. It is a crucial time indeed, a time when we can all be reminded of how Jesus himself prayed to God when He was burdened with everything that was happening in His time of ministry here on Earth. He went to the mountain of Gethsemane before He was crucified, away from His disciples, and prayed to God with his face to the ground. On this moment, He was asking God to take away the suffering from Him, but He prayed for His Father’s will to be done. (Matthew 26:36-39)

Our vote can be easily influenced by many factors especially that we are always online, on social media, and watching TV. It is easy to be influenced by our friends, by the opinion of others, and even by bribes.

In the midst of all the noise, may we find it in our hearts to be still and quiet before the Lord to seek His voice. Let us pray not for our own interest, but let us surrender to what His will is for our nation. Let us pray for all the candidates and for an honest and peaceful elections. More importantly, let us pray that we will become responsible citizens of this country, not just depending on others to make life easy for us.

On May 9, we will make a choice, but it is God who will appoint the right one. After May 9, the elected President shall lead us, but at the end of the day, God is still Sovereign and His purposes for us–for this nation, shall prevail.

Red. Blue. Yellow. White. Whatever color we carry, let us put our trust on Him more than we put our trust on anyone else.


Post by Carmela Ann Santos, TLW volunteer. Mel is a lover of written words, kids, and education. She values her faith, family, and her personal time. She dreams of writing a book, doing an interview with Mike Shinoda, and building her bookstore someday. Her favorite topics are faith, love, and others. She finds happiness seeing her loved ones happy. She wants to retire as a mobile teacher and spend the remaining days of her life in Batanes. Read more about her Writing Life at