What Makes a Hero?

What makes a hero?

According to Meriam Webster, the simplest definition of hero is a person who admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities, a person who is greatly admired or the chief male character in a story, play, movie, etc.

Kids of today were too much indulged with the latter definition, movies that have “superheroes”. There are the marvel and justice league. But, ano nga ba ang “superhero” talaga? Sa panahon ngayon, sino nga ba talaga ang tunay na hero, ang true to life hero?

Ang sinasabi nila ngayon sa bansa natin, ang “modern day hero” daw natin ay ang mga Overseas Filipino Worker, at which for me is a yes. Oo, matatawag silang hero kasi nag-sacrifice sila para mataguyod ang kanya-kanya nilang pamilya. Nawalay sila sa kanilang mga pamilya, yung iba namamaltrato pa ng mga amo, pero kahit na ganun, tinitiis nila yun dahil sa pagmamahal nila sa kanilang mga pamilya. Pero, sila lang ba ang matatawag na hero? Kailangan pa ba nating mag-ibang bansa para lamang matawag na hero?

As I go on with my everyday life and observe with my surroundings I came to realize that each and every one of us have our own heroes or is a hero in our own little way.

We have our own heroes in our lives, we have our parents who brought us here in this world, or for some who can’t call their biological parents their heroes kasi iniwan o pinabayaan lang, there were people who took care of you. Like me, my biological father left us when I was still a baby, he left me, my two brothers and my mom then my mom met my step-father who took good care of us. Siya ang nagtaguyod samin magkakapatid, he loved my mom so much na kahit single siya, he still chose and loved not just my mom but us, my mom’s three kids. For me he is a hero in disguise.

There are also those heroes who gave up their all just to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people, the missionaries or full time ministry workers. Those people who out of their reverence and love of the Lord moved out from their comfort zones and went into a battle just to proclaim God’s goodness to the world.

You may ask “does the word sacrifice do really entails with the word hero?” I guess, yes, BUT that doesn’t ask for a huge sacrifice like for an instance, when you’re crossing the street and you saw a kid or an old person, you approached them to help them cross the street, that act is a simple act of heroism. You sacrificed a little of your time or effort in that, right? Or, when a friend of yours is deeply in need then you went out of your way to see him/her, that act is an act of heroism. Or, in MRT/LRT or bus, you saw an old woman standing and you decided to stand up despite how tired you were that day, it is also an act of heroism.

As you can see, being a hero doesn’t ask too much. It doesn’t necessitate us to give up our lives or so. We can be a hero in our own little way. Being a hero can be part of our everyday lives. We don’t need to die just to be a hero, or go abroad, or do huge things, in our own simple act, we can be a hero.

But, of course, who is the greatest hero of all? He is the one who gave up His life to save the lost, the one who has no sin became sin for us, the one who really have it all – the heavens and the earth, the one who has unfailing love, the one who’s been there and literally never left. He is the greatest hero of all, and His name is Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 3:18 (ASV) said that “Because Christ also suffered for sins once, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God; being put to death in the flesh, but made alive in the spirit.” For me, He is the greatest hero of all and the best #goals or standard in being a hero.

National Heroes Day should not be celebrated just once in a year. Be a hero to someone today.

by Patricia Aidyl A. Santiago
True Love Waits PH Volunteer