Franco Ferrer- TLW Training Coordinator, Joshua Gen Challenge Youth Director & Motivational Speaker

True Love Waits is not only for those who are singles or members of NBSB and NGSB. It is also for individuals committed in a boy/girlfriend relationship who are both pursuing a life of purity in their lives, just like me. It’s a great joy that God allowed me to be with someone whom I …

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Adaiah Roanne B. Gonzales – Segment Producer, The 700 Club Asia

ro_1.jpg“I’ll never ever regret the day I said ‘yes’ to HIM… because that was the day when I really started LIVING… I don’t care if I lose everything in the world… because MY JESUS is MORE THAN ENOUGH for me!!! It’s such a joy to be able to say these things now… Years back, these words would be totally so alien to me…

I have said ‘yes’ several times in the past… I wanted to feel special, secure, and loved so I recklessly gave my heart away to a lot of wrong relationships, desperately searching for love in all the wrong places, for all the wrong reasons… In the end, however, I only found myself more hurt and more confused…

Jordan Escusa – Radio DJ (NU107 Against the Flow, Perfect Rhythm, The Edge Radio) & All Around Youth Minister

JordanI used to be the person who always wanted things my way and my way was that I get what I want, when I want. It never really worked and especially with love. Instead of finding fulfillment, theres emptiness and frustration when you don’t find the one true thing you’re looking for. Time comes when you become sick and tired of all this.

We live in a world where everything is becoming more and more instant. It doesn’t help a young person learn to wait. Love should never be treated as a microwaveable food product. It’s more delicate than that.

Ricky Hurtado – Web Designer & Developer, NaCls’ Guitarist & Youth Leader

Ricky“‘I want to die! Nobody loves me! Nobody cares for me! I can’t live without them!’ Funny, isn’t it? But that’s what most young people say without thinking how much God loves them. They tend to give up their lives when they lose their love ones.

I experienced broken relationships many times. I thought one of them will going to be my wife and yet I was wrong. When I was still in a relationship with the opposite sex, GOD was always challenging me to give up my relationship because He kept on telling me that He reserved someone else best for me. I’m more than 30 now (getting older na ba?) and still trying to court girls on my own way but unfortunately I can’t find even one.

Barbie Almalbis & Martin Honasan

A few months ago we sat down with Barbie & Martin for an interview about their love for each other. Check back for this video and testimony coming soon. It is wonderful to see people who have truly found love.

We will be doing a three part video series from our interview with Barbie and Martin to talk with them about their love story; how they found each other, what part God played in their decisions, what Youth should know about waiting for the right timing.