A College dt Fits?

Maraming mga colleges at universities ang pwedeng pagpilian. How do you decide which one is best for you? What factors, other than academic exellence, should you consider before you choose a college? Here are a few to think about.

A College with NUMEROUS COURSES to choose from: Your first choice of a course may turn out to be a glamorous as you imagined. Others rethink their career aspirations after struggling with one or two particularly challenging courses. Nangyayari ‘yun! If the college you choose has a broad range of courses, you may be able to switch direction without starting over at another university.

A College that FITS YOU: If you grew up in a big city like Manila and love crowds, a small college in a province may not give you the social outlets you’re used to having. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more intimate college experience where you’ll get to know just about everybody, a small college could be the right choice. You can visit the campuses so you can determine how comfortable you feel in the environment. It will help you make the right choice – for you.

A College CLOSE 2 HOME: Consider the logistics. If your chosen college is within reasonable distance, you’ll be able to take more of your treasured possessions with you. And if you should need some on-campus support from home, your family will be able to visit you at a little expense.

IN State vs OUT of State: Aside from proximity to home, an in-state college (State U as some would say) may offer savings on tuition to state residents. This is definitely worth looking into.

A College with NO UNPLEASANT SUPRISES: Unless you intend to major in partying, a college with a reputation for beer drinking and wild behaviour wouldn’t be a good choice. These activities are never mentioned in any college’s promotional brochures. Ask around! Many high school seniors and college freshmen are well verse din which colleges party hearty.

A College where YOU’LL GROW SPIRITUALLY: At a Christian college/ university, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to be spiritually filled through chapel services, fellowships, Christian professors and friends. But iw will be up to you to take advantage of them. When lookingat secular schools, ask about on-campus Christian groups. Before moving to your chosen college/ university, work hard now to understand what you believe and why so your foundations is strong.