A Love Letter


A Love Letter
by Patrixia Camille Dimalanta

Stars mapped across the sky,
Ripples in still waters,
Whispers in the wind passing by,
Are all but pieces in my promise to you forever.

But if by any chance you weren’t able to notice,
No sweet nothings, no lies
Hear me, what I say is true
I am and always will be the first to love you.

I love you, I do.
Purely, without the slightest blemish
Passionately, as in my heart you are cherished
It is no secret, I’ve always made it known to you

I love you, I do.
Completely, every inch of me is for you
Unconditionally, in all of your days I will carry you
It is no secret, I’ve always made it known to you

Please do not look anywhere else
My heart is breaking, my love
Please do not settle for what this world tells
Don’t break my heart, my love

I’ve no diamond ring to put on your finger,
Brilliantly cut in a thousand facets.
My nail-pierced hands to propose with is what I offer,
And a promise to never part, not even in death

I love you, I do.
It is no secret, I’ve always made it known to you
I have risen to make you as white as snow.
Now I’m waiting for you, to say “I do” to Me too.

2 thoughts on “A Love Letter”

  1. I love you, I do. and I’m always at a loss for words. How can I ever thank You enough? How can I ever love You back enough? its always my personal favorite, how You embrace me through a beautiful sunset and comfort me in beautiful drizzle and sweet songs… Ikaw na talaga! You’re the true romancer, Jesus.

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