A Man, A Leader

A writing task was given to me about man being a leader. Asking God on what to write, He led me to the story of the first human, a man named Adam. When God created him, he is already a man himself. He has no childhood, no biological parents, no family and no friends. Adam didn’t undergo the adolescence stage where one tries to understand life and starts to mature. In Adam’s time, there was no transition from being a boy to a man.

As the very first human, God gave him a task, a task to lead and reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky and all the animals that scurry along the ground. He named the animals and the plants –each of them. At the time that God created Eve, the first marriage was orchestrated. No courtship, no fancy text messages, no chats till dawn, they just went straight to marriage. Adam was not just created to lead all kinds of animal, but also to lead his own kind. He was created as a man, as a leader.

He did his job well as a leader to all, except being a leader to his wife. We all know the story of how the enemy tempted Eve to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. Eve ate the fruit and offered it to Adam. In this scenario, his leadership ability was put to test. He can turn down the offer and run away from the temptation or he can set aside his leadership and take in the offer. But unfortunately, he chooses the latter. Right there and then, his leadership ability was stained. He turned down the first task that the Lord called him to do. From that time until today, we can see how leadership can be so easily abused or neglected.

Leadership. The first task given to the first man. Task given to ALL men.

Like Adam, one can be a good leader but not in all aspects, especially in the aspect of marriage, of love. Nowadays, a man’s leadership is seldom seen in action. Men always seek approval–-from the clothes they wear to the food they eat instead of deciding on their own. When it comes to courtship, some no longer pursue a girl and would find it more exciting to wait for a girl to pursue them. Most of the time, guys like this don’t mind asking girls to pay for their dinner date. Instead of taking good care of their partner’s heart, they become contributors to a heartbreak.

In the workplace, men who don’t take leadership seriously, tend to over-entrust their tasks to their colleagues that they end up contributing nothing for the company and for the growth of their workmates. If the task succeeds, they take ownership and brag about it; when it fails, pointing fingers start to show.

At church, he knows what not to do and he shares it with his churchmates,  yet whenever he is away from the church, the “thou shall nots” turn into actions and eventually becomes his habit.

Twisted definition. Twisted action.

According to Merriam Dictionary, leadership is defined as the power or ability to lead other people. A position where you are higher than anyone in a group or an organization. The Bible defines it as servanthood and stewardship. We can see Moses, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and even Jesus as leaders who serve and take good care of their people.

Leadership is not about acquiring power to control, rather being responsible of someone’s heart, actions and well being. Leadership is not ownership but a stewardship. Taking good care of things as if they are your own. The welfare of other is on top of your mind and your own personal gain becomes the least priority.

Leadership is leading. Leading means standing in front of the line, giving instructions and working with your people and not leaving all the work to them. When you say, “go”, you are the first to move. You are the bravest and the strongest in your team. You work twice as much as they work.

Elisabeth Elliot once wrote to here nephew, Pete. She shares, “The world cries for men who are strong– strong in conviction, strong to lead, to stand, to suffer.”

The world is crying for real men. How can we find true leaders? How can we create true leaders who will lead us in truth?

The answer: Jesus! He is a perfect example of a leader who leads in truth. Anyone, especially men who live and breathe Jesus will surely have the capacity to lead like Him. Little by little as a man grows into maturity and knowledge of Christ, His definition of leadership will be aligned to how God defines it. What is twisted will surely be straightened up in Jesus. If all of us–men and women—will live in Christ, true leaders will emerge.

And the result? Hopefully, no broken hearts because of immature decisions and gaps will exist no more.

The world longs for leaders who will lead its people in the right path of life. Who will take care of its people—most especially the women—emotionally, financially, and spiritually.  A man, a leader,  who looks up to Jesus and takes the lead as Jesus leads Him through.

Written By:
Jeanne Mae Estrada, TLW Volunteer