Adaiah Roanne B. Gonzales – Segment Producer, The 700 Club Asia

ro_1.jpg“I’ll never ever regret the day I said ‘yes’ to HIM… because that was the day when I really started LIVING… I don’t care if I lose everything in the world… because MY JESUS is MORE THAN ENOUGH for me!!! It’s such a joy to be able to say these things now… Years back, these words would be totally so alien to me…

I have said ‘yes’ several times in the past… I wanted to feel special, secure, and loved so I recklessly gave my heart away to a lot of wrong relationships, desperately searching for love in all the wrong places, for all the wrong reasons… In the end, however, I only found myself more hurt and more confused…

It was when I learned about the Lord’s unconditional and unfathomable love for me that I finally came to my senses. He alone can give me real happiness. He alone can satisfy the desires of my heart. He alone can love me with an everlasting love… No man, no relationship can ever beat that!!!

I would never settle for a lesser love because I have tasted and seen of the greatest love I could possibly ask for!!! The ‘yes’ I gave Him was the best decision I have ever made. There’s no need for me to search for love now because my One True Love has already found me!!! And for me, our love story is the best story I can share to everyone I know.”

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  1. God alone is our everything. Wow ate… God is really amazing. sadly, most people take Him for granted. They thought there’s someone that can give them the satisfaction by assuring them love and security they ever wanted. But then, they are definitely wrong. in the end, they will end up crying. But there’s always God that will hug them and give comfort. There’s no really need to search for your “true love” because you have Him already. His love never fail and will love you unconditionally. Yup ate you’re right. This is the best love story we can ever share. 😉

  2. Thanks amy!!! and so are you!!! you are a very beautiful child of God!!! i am so blessed to witness your life. your passion for Jesus is amazing!!! we miss you here at cbn… hope you’ll come back soon 🙂 but wherever you are, i know you’ll bloom where the Lord plants you 🙂

    Beckbeck!!! so true!!! Jesus is our everything!!! we couldn’t possibly ask for more! i am excited to hear your love story with Jesus as well!!! i know He’s gonna use that to bless countless others!!! continue falling truly, madly and deeply in love with Him!!! God bless you dearie!!! 🙂

  3. hi ate roanne d “fisherwoman princess”… am happy dhil sa testimonial mo marami ka na nman ma inspire na people esp. teens like me??haha continue to be a blessing to others and make a difference… 😀

  4. hi rea!!! 🙂 i thank the Lord for this testimony… i am blessed to know that you are blessed 😉 ikaw rin, continue being a blessing to everyone!!! 😀

  5. Thanks for being an inspiration to many people like me,, I know maraming na-iinspire dahil sa mga tulad nyo na di nagsasawa at napapagod upang ipakilala si God sa maraming tao,, tama nga na si God ang makapagbibigay sa atin ng true love,,selfless, commitment and unconditional. Sobrang na-touch ako kanina dahil nalaman ko kung gano tayo kamahal ni God,, sana masmadaming tao pa kayong matouch ang life para masmakilala pa ang tanging perfect Daddy ng bawat isa sa atin.. Si God..

  6. honestly i am surprised to see na may article po kayo dito…i’ve been hearing so much about you from my classmates in CON…your testimony is reminds me how precious it is to wait for the right time, place and man He planned for me…for this i want to thank you again!!!
    I considered God as my very Best Friend and my relationship with Him is the one that I valued most…
    Keep it up!God Bless!

  7. wow that moved me! I agree. Our love story with Jesus is the best story of our lives that should be shared to others.

  8. hi ateRoan..ur ryt poh..bsta Love para ky Jesus,.it’s hard to refuse!”, proud kmi kc u r da 1 din hu taught us to focus sa Love ni Jesus!.. thankee

  9. achoooo…… din…..

    san ba tayo pupunta the soonest…. di ba only to Him…..

    and it is great that He would see all the beauty in us…

    you inspire us…..

    that’s the spirit of in love to God….

    keep it up!=) you are not alone….

  10. Mark Anthony Reginan

    Wow! awesome!
    That’s living life to the fullest… to say “YES” to Jesus.
    And that was the greatest tree-letter-word that we can say in life.

  11. wow, hi GC! nakakatuwa naman… u were there pala nung nursing week 🙂 yup, wala nang sasaya pa sa piling ni Lord 🙂 sana ma-meet kita in person… sama ka sa’min every sat sa BSU 🙂 ask mo na lang si Bern from SG para maka-join ka samin 🙂 yey!!!

    hi rheez!!! good to know you have the BEST relationship with Jesus!!! sama ka rin samin since u know pala my brother 🙂 we’d be more than happy to have you around!!! sabay sabay tayo mas mai-inlove pa kay Lord, diba? 😉

    thank you for your message, mary!!! i pray we’ll all continue to grow in grace so we’d have more stories to tell about Jesus 🙂

    hi keziah!!! 🙂 i’m soo proud of u guys, too… and God is even prouder!!! 🙂 continue putting a smile on His face by making Him number ONE in everything!!! love yah kei!

    Ma Ja rio, many thanks for the encouragement… run the race and keep the faith!!! we serve an awesome GOD! 🙂

  12. This site really blessed me!
    It widens my perception of the word LOVE. Everytime i read stories and articles in here, the Spirit in me jumps out and uplifted higher than evr..
    Before, i’m too eager to have love and be loved.. though i know that i’m too young.(17, my heart was only broken once.)but our God taught me something that became everything to me- HIS LOVE.
    He wants me to experience first the most precious LOve of all, to be shaped and used for His own Glorious plans and to be a woman after His own Heart..

    God is my Ultimate Lover through His Son Jesus Christ ..i am Perfectly LOved and have love..

  13. Hi Roanne!
    Nice to here things from you….
    things not just you’ve learned
    but also what you shared to everyone…
    Well we haven’t have the opportunity
    to share thoughts, stuffs and passion
    including HIM….GOD
    hopefully in the near future… hehehe..
    Keep on shining for HIS glory…
    For our First Love… JESUS CHRIST!

  14. hi, roanne!:)

    such a nice testimonial naman. iba tlga pag si Lord ang One True Love. wala nang mas romantic pa Sa Kanya. 🙂

    your testi really inspired me MORE, and for sure it’ll inspire many others. Stay in love!:)

    ~donna 🙂

  15. hi mark anthony, jerica, tatan and donna 🙂

    yup, we shall all remain in love with HIM 😀 Here’s to our One True Love, JESUS!!! thank you for the words of encouragement… kayo rin, share your God-ordained love stories para others will be inspired as well… To Jesus be the glory!!! 🙂 yeah!!!

  16. oi! this is so great! continue promoting TRUE LOVE WAITS! in our world today, it is so big a challenge. but knowing people like you still stand firm on their faith, it makes us all stronger. “…together we will work until He comes… as long as there is love we will STAND!” God bless you and your ministry!

  17. wow! your testimony is great.. we should say “YES” to God and God’s love to all of us is unconditional.. 🙂
    continue to inspire people and share the Love of God to those people who are seeking for it right now.. 🙂
    be a blessing to everyone! 🙂
    take care and God bless u always.. 🙂

  18. hello there…

    great testimony…

    because you are receiving great LOVE from God…

    Thank you very much…^^

  19. hi ms. roanne you really inspire me and all teens out there..I experiencing now what you felt before.And thanks for your wonderful testimonies I realize some things,yeah your right only god will give me an unconditional love and give an everlasting love.

    take care and god bless u always..tnx

  20. yah ate your right..
    gods love is so amazing.. no one can love as gods love..
    his love is so powerful. unconditional and so everlasting,,
    nice to hear your story it inspire me..
    hope to hear more.. ur such a gods blessing to every one..
    ingat lage..
    godbless… thanks…

  21. hi roanne,

    it seems medyo magkahawig experience natin

    there were times, na akala ko, having a bf would make me happy, pero hindi pala. something was still missing. at don nagsimula ang relationship ko kay God, until now im happy being with Him, for He is good always, faithful, loving, caring….

  22. Hi Yra, Farasel, Julyn, Sheena, Mau and Nelsa 🙂

    Let’s GO and tell the whole world about HIM!!!!

    There are so many young people out there who are still hurting and searching for true LOVE… since we already know the ONLY source of unconditional love, let’s go around telling everyone, shall we? 🙂 yeah!

  23. hi ate roanne! I’m daryl dawn acasio..
    remember me?
    I was with my friend jemima
    We attended the TLW seminar last feb.21 at ortigas.
    We talked to u sa girl’s cr..
    i was touched by your testimony.
    Indeed God is really evident in your life.

    Continue in inspiring others ate!
    Let’s not grow weary in serving HIM!
    God Bless!

  24. thanks for sharing ate!!
    It really touched me… 🙂
    god bless…

  25. eow po ate Roanne…
    Isa po aq s mga umatend nun sa GVCC sa calumpit nung may 24…
    Ang laki po ng naitulong nyo sa mga youth d2…kc ung mga stories nyu at mga topic are really interesting at naging inspiration saming mga kabataan…ang dami nming natutunan tungkol s lovelife at relationship with God…
    2lad q n nghahanp dati ng love sa iba..kc NGSB aq^^_
    naun natutunan ko na “DOnt find true love, let true love finds you and Jesus will make a Great plan for you in the future”
    Sna madami p kaung matulungan n mga kabataan…
    God Bless po senyu…

    ——->…Let Love Rule…

  26. Hi lola, kaka-amaze si lord!!! hindi ko alm na nand2 ka!!!
    GOd is awesome.
    GANda ng testimony…
    kip the it up!!!


  27. hi daryl 🙂 of course i remember u guys 🙂 i had a great time talking with u!!!! continue shining for Jesus!!!

    hi annica and rowena 🙂 praise God!!! He is forever to be praised!!! He is great and awesome and mighty and sovereign!!! 🙂 thank u for the encouragement 🙂

    hi grimJr 🙂 we thank the Lord for the wonderful opportunity He gave us to minister at gvcc 🙂 share everything you’ve learned to everyone u know! 🙂 may u grow more and more in love with Jesus everyday 🙂

  28. heLLo ate rOaNne!!..

    Thanks s tym mu last sunday!!.. I’m happy in what GoD is doing in ur lyf.. God is really using u.. We’re happy dun s mga tinuro nyo.. Because of dat, the youth of our church is now more aware about relationships and other things na tinuro nyo,.

    Sna mas magamit k p ni Lord pra s mrming youth in our generation..

    God bless po!!!..”,)

  29. hi allen 🙂

    you’re very welcome 🙂 kayo rin, may our good Lord use you mightily in reaching out this generation 😀 God bless u tooooo! 🙂

    hey eyna 🙂

    thank u for the encouragement!!! bless u too, my dear sis in Christ 🙂

  30. hi raymond (from cornerstone… hehe) 🙂

    sobrang miss ko na kayong lahat!!!! please send my regards to everyone!!! i really hope to see you sooooon!!!! let’s do True Love Waits in your church 🙂 GOD BLESS U HEAPS!!!

  31. Geraldine Longhay

    always taker…………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish all the best to you…………..!!!!!!

  32. wow te, sana marami pang makabasa ng testimony mo especially the teenagers.. tayo kase ang pinaka naaapektohan when it comes to love..

    truly that GOD is our greatest love and through HIM we will experience the best love and affection that we can never have from other relationship or from other people.. knowing GOD and loving HIM is truly the best love story that we can ever have in our entire life because having HIM in our life is an assurance of great life..

    John 3:16
    through this verse we’ll realize how GOD really loved us and cared for us.. imagine that HE gave HIS only son just to save us from our sin.. and imagine how JESUS sacrificed HIS life to save us from our sins even though HE did not know us and HE did not commit those sins..

    no one ever will compare to you JESUS!

  33. correct. 🙂
    natuwa kami ni mommy rose sa testimony mo. 🙂
    marami akong natutunan.. Continue being an inspiration. I’m xur that the Lord’s very proud of you. And so i am..

    Agape nga pala here, OJT sa Admin Dept, CBN Asia under Mr. Ferdinand Javier..
    Inaanak po ni Mr. Rey Ferol and Mr. Edwin Aceo and Mrs. DeeDee Hermoso (ACM)


  34. 🙂 wow! nakakainspire. i agree with you.only God can give HIS fully and UNCONDITIONAL love that anyboby longs for. 🙂 Godbless. tc 🙂

  35. hi agape 🙂

    are u still in cbn? hope to meet u 🙂 so sorry, i read your message just now… sana ojt ka pa rin 🙂 i love your name 🙂 may you be true to the meaning of it 🙂 continue to be a source of God’s love to others 🙂

    hi diane and maetoth 🙂

    may others be inspired with your testimonies as well 🙂 let’s all live for the glory of Jesus’ Name 🙂 here’s to His fame!!! 🙂 God bless you both!

  36. roselle delos reyes

    wow! i learn this site just now because of my cousin, i grew up in church and i have known all these stuffs, but i keep on driving my own life instead of letting God be the pilot of my life especially in “love”. just broke up with my long-time boyfriend, i thought it was him that God wants me to be with but a lot of things happen and we have to let go of each other. right now I’m still in pain and in the stage of confusions and questions but I know in God’s perfect time he will reveal his purpose on why he’s letting these heartache take place. hope to read more from you because it helps a lot 🙂

  37. It’s really inspiring to hear your testimony. I already knew God is the only “TRUE LOVE” everyone is looking for. I never really felt this after a painful break-up from a first ever relationship. You can do what you can trying to make a relationship work and still end up losing that person so suddenly and so fast. With Him, you can commit a lot of mistakes and lose your focus on your relationship with Him yet still you know you’ll never lose Him. He’s still there. Always. I found this site when I randomly typed on the keyboard on google’s search bar looking for answers. Now I think I’m beginning to understand.

  38. Christine D. Rosende

    Thanks God may natutunan na naman ako today.thank you3x so much sa lahat ng staff ng TLW,esp. to u Ate Roanne. May God bless u with His love and grace. Sobrang nakakabless yung mga testimony ninyo. I’m forever grateful to have my JESUS, my great savior in my life. Thank you again and again.! balik naman kayo dito sa Cebu lalo na sa school namin. Marami kasi mga teenagers na napapariwara!PLEASE.

  39. [I wanted to feel special, secure, and loved so I recklessly gave my heart away to a lot of wrong relationships, desperately searching for love in all the wrong places, for all the wrong reasons… In the end, however, I only found myself more hurt and more confused…]

    this is my struggle as of these days! i hope i could overcome all this.

  40. Catholic ako and im proud. we all have relationship with God and thats important. thank for sharing this story 🙂

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