AHAVA: More than just Music

AHAVA (????) is a Hebrew word for Love and also the name of our True Love Waits band.Ahava02.png

Ahava has been part of True Love Waits talks and conferences for the past two years impacting lives through music. The impact their music leaves is the result of their desire to create songs that are intentional in teaching and influencing people positively through their God-given talents. Listeners would often quip how their music inspires people to really wait for love.

All band members are active in the worship team of their respective churches even before they became part of Ahava. Each has been through many difficulties in life and definitely has a story to tell. Digi Antonio and Paul Ang, Ahava bandleaders, shared the vision of putting up a band that doesn’t just do music as art but as a way to build up others thus, Ahava was formed.

“I have experienced trials in life that made me realize certain things that lifted up my spirit and inspired me to put up a band whose main goal would be to penetrate the hearts of people who seek freedom and contentment which can only be attained by knowing Jesus in a personal level,” shares Digi Antonio.


(L-R) Jayjay Ramos, Paul Ang, Roland Talento, Digi Antonio, and Jeryal Manansala

The band consists of five main members and four reserved musicians. Digi plays the acoustic guitar and also does the main vocals; Paul Ang plays bass, Roland Talento on the lead guitar, Jeryal Manasala on the keyboards and Jayjay Ramos on the drums.

Music, being more retained in memory than spoken words, greatly affects people who hear it. Knowing how powerful music is, Ahava is very intentional with the songs they produce—that they will not only be catchy but also be encouraging and helpful to those who hear it. Digi writes most of the songs and Paul helps with the musical arrangement. They also write songs and arrange music for praise and worship. Some of their most loved songs are Wag Na Muna, True Love Waits, This Love Song, Gising Pilipinas, Ikaw, and She’s Worth It. With all these uplifting songs, Ahava desires to uplift none other but the Creator of Ahava: God.

“We humbly lift everything up to our Master Musician, for He deserves all the praise. We are just His instruments, created to be used by Him.” -Ahava

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  1. Thank You AHAVA for being part of TLW Ministry! It’s such a blessing to work with y’all 🙂

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