Along the lines…

These are some of the books that really change not just my habit of reading but enlightened me and brought me to a new world of reality. They are actually books about Love so I know that you will also enjoy reading them, these are highly recommended by me….

Sex is not the problem Lust is... boy meets girl I kissed dating goodbye Quest for love passion and purity

They are from some of my favorite authors Joshua Harris I kissed Dating Goodbye, Boy meets Girl and Not even a Hint all talks about all the things you need to know about dating and meeting the right person and how to combat lust. Then Elizabeth Elliot books Quest for Love and Passion and Purity that talks about knowing the real love is…Enjoy reading.

If you’ve read some of the books already let me know your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Along the lines…”

  1. I have the four books (haven’t purchased Quest for Love yet) and I must say it helped me a lot in maintaining my focus on God, in learning respect towards others, in the continuing process of being the right person for Mr. Right, and in believing why waiting is worth it.

  2. Hey!!!
    That’s really a must have books.
    I have read that books & it really minister to me.
    I just finished the latest of Joshua Harris “Not Even A Hint”.
    I think we should influence other YA’s to invest their time reading books that will empower them to “COMMIT THEIR LOVELIFE UNDER CHRIST CONTROL”.
    Godbless yah!!!

  3. i have only read boy meets girl and it inspires me so i realizad that all that i have done and think about love before are all based on feeling and it all that i’m single,im praying for someone who can love me and accept me for who i’m..and a guy with a true God in his Life…God Bless

  4. I Kissed Dating Goodbye by: Joshua Harris
    He revealed that true love is worth waiting for. One of the qoutes that I really admire on his book is, The joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment.”
    Glory to God!

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