An Untold Love Story

JUNE—the most popular wedding month will be arriving soon and countdown for couples tying the knot are preparing for their countdown to the big day!

Flowers, candles, wedding rings, bridesmaid gowns, barongs, suit, tie, food, cake, and of course, the wedding gown are included in the long checklist of wedding organizers. This is the one big day in the couple’s lives and organizers strive to make everything perfect as possible down to the strands of the bride’s hairstyle. While beautifully prepared weddings are worthy of admiration, how often and much do people really prepare for marriage? Is marriage now synonymous to wedding?

The wedding day is but a door to marriage, an event that preludes marriage. A wedding happens for a few hours but marriage must happen until death parts a couple. As young people, we usually just think of the wedding day (or, wedding night for guys) but not really about the days and years after it. What happens when romance fades?

“Joni & Ken: An Untold Love Story” tells the marriage story of a quadriplegic woman and a son of Japanese immigrants. At 17, Joni suffered in a diving accident that crushed her spinal cord at the fourth and fifth cervical levels leaving her paralyzed. In her early years of disability, the last thing on her mind was marriage, “After all, who would want to marry someone confined to a lifetime in a wheelchair?” she said.

Ken was teaching high school history and coaching football when he met Joni. As they talked with each other, he began to recognize her  beautiful heart. They eventually dated each other and later on got married in 1982. Fast forward to three decades later, Joni and Ken continue to be passionately committed and contented in their marriage. Their 30 years together wasn’t all bright and bubbly but it is marked with true love and sacrifice as they depended their marriage relationship on God.

“Marriage only magnifies how hard it is to deal with suffering,” says Joni, which is very true of all marriages. Ken adds, “…we are in a spiritual battle. One thing I would encourage any person, any man, is you got to find someone who you can fight the battle with.”

If you’re planning to get married this June or dreaming to be married someday, this book might give you a better and clearer picture of what marriage is more than what your bridal magazine might say.

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  1. What they said were very true and inspiring. Like what Jesus demonstrated for us, that great love means sacrifice. It means looking after and helping each other no matter what.

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