Ang Tatay ko…

Have you ever asks yourself where did Father's day originated….here's the story…

Sonora Dodd first had the idea of a "Father's Day" while listening to a
Mother's Day sermon in 1909. Sonora thought the idea of a special day to
honor her father, William Smart, was fabulous. Her father had had a very hard
life. He was a Civil War veteran and was widowed when his wife died while giving
birth to their sixth child.

When Sonora became an adult, she realized just how selfless her father had been as he raised his children as a single parent. He had made many parental sacrifices without having a wife to help raise them.

The first Father's Day was held on the June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. Sonora specifically chose the month of June because it was her father's birth-month. The holiday was unofficial until 1966, when President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the third Sunday of June to be Father's Day.

So there we have it: Father's Day was created by a dedicated daughter.

dad loves youdad cares for you

im gonna provide for yousmile at meyou lift me uprest now my childyour my angel


But the question now is, how often do we appreciate our tatay's I personally have problems with this issue cause I wasn't born appreciative. But one thing that I'm learning now is that whatever kind of father we have they deserve our true love they have feelings too and it would mean a whole great deal to them if we start loving them in small ways like saying thank you.

It is told over and over gain that if we remember their teachings and instruction and obey them completely we will live a prosperous life. Let's give our fathers the respect due to them. For some who are fatherless or abandoned by your dad remember that God is ready and always available to be the kind of father we don't have just approach Him through prayer anytime…

-kai branch



2 thoughts on “Ang Tatay ko…”

  1. Our papa Roberto is a very caring & sweet father. After he stop working in Saudi Arabia, he have became our friend & barkada.We can tell him about anything. We would always sleep late because each of us cant stop telling stories or watching movies with him & our mama.We miss him very much.His jokes & his laughter.All we can wish is that we can still turn back the time to be with him more.He left us, october 27, 2006 to be with our Father.Yes, like how we appreciate & care for our mother, we should also appreciate our father when he is still with us.

  2. yup, ur right,,
    but, pano kung nagkaroon kayo ng gap ng father mo? kahit na sabihing naayos na pero db hindi naman talaga naibabalik ang dati.
    kasi ung father ko sobran sweet pero naiilang na ako kasi malaki na ako tapos tinuturing pa akong baby..
    but i love naman my dad;;
    kaya lang hindi ko nasasabi sa kanya in words na love ko xa..
    goodluck nalang sakin..

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