Video Series 2: Baggage Claim

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  1. Thank you sooooo much for posting this video and reminding me that Jesus Christ is the one, and that He died for me because He loves, cares, and accepts me for who I am. And no man can ever complete me or make me happy, except Jesus. For if I am with Him, then I will be a totally joyful person, beautiful inside and out, and is willing to share this overwhelming love to others. Thus a satisfied and loving person will also attract someone who is fulfilled w/ her/his life.

  2. It’s a very very good talk. I’m so touched and I want to learn more 😀
    I want to also reach out to others also by sharing this talk to others that I know who is just like me, carrying all sorts of baggage and stuff… I want to love more… please pray for me 😀

  3. Thanks TJ, we are praying that we can all bless other youth and reach out to them. Paste our site to your blog, stick it on your friendster kung meron….

    my wife and I both had baggages. Its interesting. When you board a plane. The BIG baggage goes sa baba, at ang maliit ng bagay ay carry on.
    Minsan sa relationships niyo… we only share to our partners the carry on.

    The big baggage is stowed away and not revealed until you arrive at your destination.

    Better if you share up front and see if the person accepts you kahit na may baggage.

    We might be on the return flight by ourselves…


  4. wow thanks for posting this video. god bless, i’ll try to watch all of them cause this alone has been very helpful ad has probably saved me at least a hundred bad dates that i could have had. thanks again!

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