Barbie Almalbis & Martin Honasan

Pure Love A few months ago we sat down with Barbie & Martin for an interview about their love for each other. Check this video interview. Hope their story will inspire you guys and gals out there!

Love is a decision!

God is more concerned about our present and future.

Trust Him today. He waits for you.

13 thoughts on “Barbie Almalbis & Martin Honasan”

  1. hello po maraming salamat po talaga sa pagakakataong ibinigay po ninyo sa amin./…. sana po mas marami pa pong kaung kabataan na mapa bago tnx po tlga tnx po at sana naman po ung camp maging matagal like one week po na pag stay from iba zambales un lang po and sana po mas maging matagumpay lahat ng session or lahat ng un na un hehehehehe bsata po kitakits nalang po ulit next year or sa reunion po natin goodluck and godblesssssssss tnx ……………………………………………………

  2. sana mauli muli
    kasi doon lang ang nagising sa kato2hanan
    at doon ko na22nan ang
    ibig sabihi ng buhay

  3. your website really helps mea lot.. i learned so much from your inspiring stories and advices.. hehe.. keep it up! i love it! Godbless!

  4. nung nagka-kilala ba si martin and barbie, christian sila pareho? konting hint nman about their love story oh.. 🙂

    *kaka-inip ksi ung video series.. hehe..

  5. it is true that we should have to wait for the right partners in life, God knows to whom we should to spent our life with all we have to do is to trust Him and keep on praying to His will

  6. Hi Jackie,

    Trusting God our future is something vague sa society. The assurance we only have to trust Him is through his promises given, said and fulfilled many times. I remember one friend said, “Give the key of your heart to God and let him give the key to the right person you will be with.” Pray that you would know God first more than anything else.

    He is not yet true writing your love story! Let him finish it.


  7. i had a long time bf now.. he is already on his marrying age but i am still 21 years old but he keeps it in mind that we need to be pure til the right time comes for us even though i feel na he is craving for it.. we’re both christians and always put God in the center of our relationship.. now, we are miles away.. he is working in dubai but he keeps communication open.. he always calls and text me everytime, letting me feel that he is not far.. Actually, if the person is God-given.. kahit anong mangyari HE will keep your relationship.. i am so happy that God give this person to me inspite of my shortcomings..

  8. so inspiring.. i love the empty seat illustration.. That God is reserving someone to be seated in that seat beside you forever. You just have to make that seat clean, prepare it well for your prince or princess.. Don’t mess that seat up.. Make it presentable.. 🙂

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