Best, in love me sau!

Dear TLW,

I am in love with my one of my best friends.

At least I think I am in love with him.
We used to be classmate in hskul, he is rily suplado but one thing that konek us both is our love for Backstreetboys music. Then we got to know each other better and he sort of grew on me.

Not very long after I started to get to know him, I started to think about him romantically. Soon after, we became like brother and sister, always together. But I do feel the pain whenever he would share with me stuff like he likes this girl..that girl…But my feelings have done nothing but grown since then. We have our nicknames pa nga “Heidi and Huckfinn”…

It’s been a long time now we’re both young pro and have our own lives. I still miss my bestfriend till now he doesn’t know that I harbour a romantic feelings for him….I realized buti na lang hindi ko sinabi sa kanya kasi ngayon sobrang nakakahiya kung nalaman niya at saka infatuation lang pala yun. I’m thankful I have save my heart from being broken and not lose him as a bestfriend.

Was I right in not telling him my feelings?

-Wondering Heidi

Dear Wondering Heidi,

I know this is hard and painful, but we can’t force someone to love us just because we love them.
At some level, we all have to realize that the right person will come along for us.
While we are waiting for this magical event, we have to work on ourselves non-stop to be the best person we can possibly be while we are waiting.
That means doing things to build our self-confidence by succeeding in our life activities.

Wasting your life mooning after him will just make you seem pathetic to him and you don’t want that.
Don’t forget that girls should be pursued by guys not the other way around and besides when people say “marami pa naman jan” literally it’s true. You have save up your dignity in not telling him how you feel because that is just a major turn off for most guys. You are way too precious you know!

Lastly, it’s good to know that you saved your heart from getting broken.

In this kind of situation we recommend that everyone should guard their heart. Honesty is still the best policy but if you have ulterior motive like telling the guy so he would like you too, that’s forcing not loving. The reason you’re telling the person coz you want something in return and that’s the truth (don’t deny that!) and that is not right. Let us always look at the two sides of the story and not be so self-centered.

Like what you said feelings lang…don’t forget LOVe is more than a feeling.

– True Love Waits


5 thoughts on “Best, in love me sau!”

  1. Jernel Singh A. Kumar

    Best friends- is one kind of relationship with more freedom that of friends… but it also has boundaries k?? Don’t plunge into something you cant handle..

  2. mhirap talaga kapag ganyan..complicated situation.
    you really cant say if tama ba ung nraramdaman mo.if you have to keep it inside or burst it out to that person.
    and the worst part of that situation is that: that person doesnt know that you’re being hurt. you feel the pain without that person knowing it.
    iso sad.. ;c

  3. hahaha im not sure qng sad nga q bcos masaktan man aq sa gf nandyan aman ung pamily q na handang sumoporta sakin hahahahahahah

  4. nakakatuwa naman yung story, but on my own opinion, tama yung ginawa mong wag sabihin, according to tlw, pag sinabi mo sa bstfriend mo, you are expecting something in return.. at masakit pag yung eneexpect mo ay di naman nangyare. diba?

    isang magandang aral ang iniwan ng story na to’!
    may GODBLESS us all..

  5. …hai…hirap nga talaga pag dumating na sa situation na yaN…..

    …BUT olwezzz remember dat God is Der….

    pag ibinigay mo lahat sa DIYOS ang problema mo, walang talagang impossible…
    cozz GOD will make A WAY>…

    ..just wait 4 da ryt tym lng…

    ….good things come for those who will wait patiently…dvah??

    God Bless us all

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