Boy | Girl Talk @ Miriam College


Every year True Love Waits share with young ladies of Miriam College High School department in their Boy-Girl Talk about love, sex, and relationships. Other invited panelists composed of parents, teachers, one senior high school student from Miriam and Ateneo High School also join in the open forum.

Open forums are always exciting because the girls had a chance to ask panelists about ideas they want to clarify and know more about. Last Tuesday and Wednesday True Love Waits team had an interesting discourse with the students.

Derek, Digi, and the panelists tried their best to answer the girl’s questions about crushes, young love, same-sex relations, parents’ role in their children’s romantic relationships and a whole lot of curiosities involving love.

“As girls, even if you like a guy so much, you must wait and let him approach first.” “Don’t look for appearance and personality alone because you will only build up wrong expectations for a guy.” These are some practical answers that Miriam students learned from the panelists. Yet, practical things are not the most important lessons in the Boy-Girl talk but Love as the Creator had defined it: selfless, commitment, unconditional and pure.






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  1. i am a guidance counselor at OLPS. I would like to ask on how i can contact and invite you to have a talk at our school. thank you.

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