When we hear “broken – heart” we usually think of the end of a relationship, tama ba? But think about this…

Sometimes kc medyo nagiging mayabang tayo, we tend to be selfish and try to take for ourselves, what belongs to God.

Even in our thoughts, we say: “Para kay Lord.” But at the back of your mind you are saying “ang galing-galing ko.”So, what is really broken and who is getting the credit here.

Tinamaan ka ba…? Try this…

Dear Lord give me a heart transplant, because my heart is deceitful sometimes. As a result my heart is not working in the way it should, for most other things this is the definition of broken. And somehow this ends the close relationship I have with you Lord. Look into my heart oh Lord and fix what is broken.

No one has to know our thoughts. KC its God who is most offended. When we take something that belongs to HIM. Did you take something that belongs to God…?

10 thoughts on “Brokenhearted???”

  1. sana mag bago na aku>>>>> gus2 ku nang mag bago at kay GOD laga lahat para magng masaya na aku at sana makasama ku ang mga parent’s ku sa pag cmba 2wing sunday>>>>gus2 ku yun maranasan”””””

  2. broken na ako pero i realized that god gave me a chance to love someone new and to move on

  3. hi franco, greetings! how can i move on? B4 im get in into a relationship, i was prayed that i want a partner/bf who can be fit to the signs i was asked from God. Then after my 34th bday all signs are happened. Im very much thankful for it coz after waiting for so long my wish was granted. But suddenly he disappear, without telling something, i cried for it coz its hard i’d expect too much. 3 years now im not heard anything from him. But his relatives keep updating about him. We need to believe in signs?? How can i move on? Coz i was read a verse, (any lady who will first to get water frm a well she wil be his wife) and that was happened.

  4. Hi Lone Lady?

    Hi there. I think the verse you read is from Genesis.

    Anyways, signs would give us false hope in the desires that we have in heart. The best way for us to know God’s will is to study, reflect and apply God’s Word. Taking quality time in God alone would help you discern his wil for your life. Reading His word conforms us to his desires so our desires become our desire as well. The more we grow in knowledge of who He is, he becomes our Ultimate lover, na kahit mawala ang sinumang tao sa mundo, our hearts are not abandoned coz we have God in us.


  5. lonely rather, thanks! Yaeh ur’ryt! I’m enlightened. May be just a coinsidence that everything was happened. I will keep on praying that everything wil be alright according to His will at the right time. . More power and God continue showering u enough strenght to inspired us to move on.

  6. Nangalikot ako ng mga links kasi maaga kami pinauwi ng prof ko then I went straight here sa library so I won’t be bored waiting for my friend. I thought konti lang yung mga articles but praise God there are lots of these here pala. I find this article bold and transparent. Na-bless ako. 🙂

    Keep on keeping on TLW! God is always on your back. To God be the glory!^^

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