Can I Still Be Pure?

What if you’re a good girl and grew in a loving family who loves and serves God faithfully, but suddenly one night, robbers broke into your house and raped you? You would not want this to happen to you. In fact, nobody would want this—especially if you’ve pledged to obey God and follow his plan for sexual purity. But what about those who were sexually abused? They’ve tried to keep themselves sexually pure and yet their bodies were compromised for the sexual whims of other people. Can they still be pure?

Most people think that when we talk about purity, we’re only talking about virginity. Virginity is only a surface area of what we discuss with students in our talks and workshops. Virginity is important but it is not the most important thing. Purity is more than sex, it’s about thoughts, attitudes, and sexuality. Just because you’re not a virgin, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be pure anymore. God is the source of our purity and he makes things new no matter how ugly and dirty our past may be. Watch Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza tell her story of how God restored her joy and purity in life after being sexually assaulted when she was only 15.

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