cArELeSs wHiSphEr…

Dear True Love Waits,

I’m 20 yrs old single and very confused about love lyf. yup! i have a girlfriend but I think that is not serious rel. in short, wala p kong naging serious rel. in my past. maybe because I don’t know myself. in my work, lagi nila akong tinutukso sa isang katrabaho nmin. she is cute, nice and we are friends, actually I have a crush on her but hanggang dun lang. they keep on telling me, “kau nb?” “ang hina mo nmn sa babae” and “bakla k ata eh” i just smile on them but deep inside, I was hurt.

I know this is not the time for that but how can I handle that situation?

WhisperMasama bang makinig sa advice ng kaibigan…of course not but just warining you that not all advice is good and true that just because it’s your friend who give it you’ll just accept it. Where do we draw the line in giving and recieving advice sa mga taong lagi nating nakakasama…Having friends is one of the best thing in life because it’s free but accepting bad advice can cause big damage in your own life.

Just because all of them is doing it or having it doesn’t mean it’s all right. Tama ba na mag-smoke, drink, cut-class, take drugs, hang-out with them till late in the evening, watch movies you’re not supposed to watch, join hazing activities, mag-computer instead of being in a classroom, clubbing, go into a relationship just because they all have one, joining the pre-marital sex club and the list goes on… our age we know what’s right and wrong di na yon kailangang i-memorize di ba! You’ll know a real friend if they are bringing out the best in you and takes you to a world headed into a good life.


When it comes to your lovelife, it is you who will have the relationship with this person not your friend. You will be the one who will be broken hearted, not them. They may symphatize with you but it’s your heart that will be damaged. Think of how many fatherless child outthere, babies aborted, future destroyed just because we are in a hurry to be in a relationship. A good friend will advice you to WAIT and finish school first and make your dreams in reality muna…Being ready in a relationship depends on you, your family and how often you pray to God about it…if there’s one person in this world who can give the best advice it’s GOD and that’s a fact!

2 thoughts on “cArELeSs wHiSphEr…”

  1. yeah,,this entry is really true,,dont let your friends run your life,,,
    may limitation din ang pakikinig or pag-accept ng advices from them,..pag-isipan din natin un sinasabi nila or advices nila,,hindi lang basta tanggap ng tanggap,,malay mu BI na pla sila,,,and kun mangyari un,,confront them,,,kaw nmn mag-advice kun anu ang nararapat,,,kailanman hindi mananalo ang kasamaan over kabutihan,,God bless =)

  2. this is right coz the one who will be in a relationship will be you,
    dont let them interfere with something private,
    but sometimes it is good to follow some advise
    and it depends in you to follow it. . . . ^_^

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