TLW Destination: Cebu

Last weekend we flew to Cebu to share with them about true love waits Focus on Purity topic. We also gather their thoughts on how to cater more to all the needs of young people especially those who are in love. We would like to thank CityGates for their hospitality. And we acknowledge the following people from Tacloban City, Shalom and CCF we hope to meet you all again.

the seminar
the seminar

It’s always amazing to know that we are reaching more and more lives in Philippines and beyond. If you have more to say let us know. We are blessed by your love for your young people in your place.Daghang Salamat!


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  1. Thanks for the seminar we’ve been blessed and were planning to integrate it to our discipleship programs for the youth.

    By the way its Kian and John from tacloban hangang kailan ba kailngan maghintay ang puso ko?

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