Clear All HISTORY 2009

What if everyone knew your thoughts? Say Huwat! What if anyone knew your thoughts! Do you really think that you are the only one who knows what you have been thinking? Nobody but you? Wrong!

God knows your thoughts.

Did you know there is a clear all history dot com? Well there are two of them. One is on the internet and one is in God’s word.

We can fool our friends and family and keep them from knowing what we are looking at on the internet and or what thoughts are going on in our mind as we walk through the mall or at school. But if we think
that God only knows our thoughts when we go to church or in confession, well again we are wrong.

God knows everything that is why he is God.

A God that only knows what you know when you tell him, is a small God.

But we worship a BIG God, bigger than words can describe. GINORMOUS.

More than Giant and Enormous put together.

His ways and thoughts are bigger than we can imagine and so is his hope for us.

Would you like to Delete All History from 2009? Did you make one mistake that your regret? or 10 or 1000? Everyone of us makes mistakes and we desperately need forgiveness from a Holy and Loving God. Simba made some mistakes and ran from the terrible mess he made with his father.

What are you running from? Watch the video –

For God, the past is the past, what does it matter, it’s in the past. It is not the past that we need to go back to but we Do need to go back to God. He wants us to forget the past, turn around and run toward him as fast as we can. It does not matter how long you have been running from your mistakes.

The past can hurt. Mistakes are only valuable if we learn something.

So here is the point. All of the terrible things that “WE” did in 2009 can be forgiven. If we come to God and simply ask. Lord help me, not the people around me or the bad people I know but help me Lord. Deliver me from myself and the terrible, horrible ugly things that I have done.

I never believed I could possibly do what I have done. But, I trust you. Christ died for the forgiveness of my sins that I might be reunited with you. Help me Lord.

So what are you going to do? Where are you going now? Forward or Backward?

Run toward God. Pursue righteousness.  Full speed! God loves you!

5 thoughts on “Clear All HISTORY 2009”

  1. If i could erase every heartfelt, pain, sorrow and every negative word that happened in my life just linking to clear history all dot com, Aba! that would be fantastic! yeah the writer was right there’s a website but ONLY God can do it. So, i want to run to you oh God. You alone can help me change my perspective and let go what happened last year and look forward for this year. 🙂

  2. hmm… im soo inspired talaga. everytime na i view this site lage nalang ako my nababasang patama skin…
    Thanks God for this site..
    More powers to you guys 🙂
    GOD BLESS U !!!!
    keep it up!
    i know somewhere there madami png natotouch sa mga message na nakapost dito…
    specialy young peoples..

  3. Hi Lhove,

    I like what you are saying na we are making an impact in your life through this website. But then again, our desire is that from what we are posting would enable you to make radical choices in life. Hopefully next time, you’ll share to us how powerful God is in changing mightly!


  4. kalimutan ang nakaraan???
    madaling sabihin…
    pero paulit-ulit na naikot sa isipan ng tao!!!

    HELP ME GOD!!!

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