Clouds Without Water

Clouds Without Water


dateMillions are awed and captivated by today’s modern preachers. How sure are you they aren’t wolves in sheep’s clothing.

If there is one issue that weighs heavily in the hearts of many elders in the church, it is how many people are led away from the pure and life-giving Word of God. More often than not, these people are led away by seemingly harmless doctrines that seduce and tickle their ears, allowing a wrong view of God into their lives. This has happened many times in the past and the Bible has not been quiet about it.

The Bible’s call for discernment is loud and clear.

Join us on January 31, 2015 in Clouds Without Water, A Call to Discernment Seminar, headlined by expository preacher, Justin Peters.

Let us dive deep into God’s Word and allow it to expose the false doctrines of many of today’s popular preachers that have infiltrated the church. This day-long event will help us dissect and understand what these false doctrines are and the preachers that espouse them.



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