We need your thoughts on the following questions just be candid and honest about it. You might get the new T-Shirt if we chose you….

1. Is Virginity and Purity the same thing?

2. Have you personally known anyone that had std’s and aids?

3. Can you get to know someone well through text/chat?

4. Can girls make the first move?

5. Is recreational flirting ok?

6. Love at first sight is possible?

7. Rate yourself from 1-10, ten being the highest.

8. What is positive about being single?

9. Why do you want to be in a romantic relationship?

10. Is it to look for love or let it find you?

11. Define true love?

12. How old are you? What age a person ready to for marriage?
13. Define relationship?

14. What is a warning signal for a bad relationship?

15. What determines the status of a relationship? How do you communicate that?

16. How do you express love?

17. What is negative about being a single?

18. How would you want to be loved?

19. Define infatuation?

20. How do girls propose sex?

21. What qualifies and disqualifies you to be worth loving?

Your answers will or will not be published it’s up to you. Let us know your name, age, cel no. so we’ll know where to give you the shirt if you win. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Clueless…Help!”

  1. Answers to Queries: (Sana Totoo my free shirts kau ibibigay 🙂 )

    1. Nope!!!
    2. Personally? . . none
    3. Not really? I dont think so.
    4. Sure, why not?
    5. On my opinion, NO…it might be an entry point for lust!
    6. Im not sure, but what i know Love takes time, that includes knowing some1.
    7. Rate? on what aspect? (Please rephrase your question), ok maybe 7.5? 🙂
    8. The opportunity of knowing your whole being in God’s Perfect Will…
    9. Of course God initiated the first marriage as stipulated in Genesis, and ill fullfill it.
    10. Love involves the Will of God and God is Love..therefore Let Love (God), find it.
    11. Love is not a Feeling its an Attitude that requires Faith (God) and Trust (People)
    12. Im 23, right time? When your satisfied with your singleness in Christ.
    13. A healthy, mutual and harmonious connection with God and Man.
    14. Dishonesty!!! Lust!!! Above all, without a Strong Foundation the is GOD.
    15. The relationship of Both Lovers to GOD…Seek God as partners.
    16. Like Christ!!!
    17. A lot of Temptations!!! (and its very disturbing!!!)
    18. Wow! No one ask me that question before, but i guess accept me jst as God did.
    19. Direct response to a hightened desire of stimulus..a temporary feeling.
    20. I dont know! No girls had ever offered a proposition to me like that.
    21. Everyone deserves to Love and to be Loved, God loves us all…

    There you go…i hope ill win (asa pa noh? :-))…

  2. 1. for me virginity and purity is a the same thing because it is talking about the wholeness of a woman. The state of never having had sexual intercourse and it is the honor of a woman’s virtue or chastity.

    2. no.
    3. yes, texting and chatting is the form of communication.
    4. yes, it is possible. girls are very tempting.
    5. for me. i dont flirt to a man or giving have some motives in getting the man’s attention. I let the guy doing the first move.
    6. No. when you a love a person. it is necessary to know the person first.
    7. i rate myself into 8
    8. being single is always available. and have nothing to worry about. No heartaches at all.
    9. In romantic relationship, where you can find peace, happiness, and fulfilment.
    10. Let it find you. it is better to wait for love because you are ready how to love and to beloved.
    11. true love. means patience, kind, and understanding.
    12. im 20 years old. if i will get married my age will in 27-28 years old.
    13. a relation between people and a state involving mutual understanding.
    14. a signal of bad relationship if 2 persons had a misunderstanding. when theres no trust at all.
    15. the status of a relationship when 2 person involves in a long relationship.
    16. I express love when i care the person. there are lot of ways to express your love.
    17. negative in being single when they get old and no one will care about.
    18. no comment.
    20. when girls are horny and naked.
    21. to be worth loving. you must first love yourself before others. to be a worth lover you must have to respect yourself.

  3. 1.for me, it is not. virginity refersto the maintenance of your physical body while you are not yet under marriage whie purity refers to the cleanliness or purity itself of your thoughts, jokes, body and your actions.
    3.slightly but you can’t fully know anyone only through text and chat because you can lie or fool someone through it. the best way to know someone personally deeply, you need to meet him and his/her friends.
    4.yes,,,girls have the capacity to make the first step but they can also do the last step. is very disappointing and disgusting for a woman to flirt just for doesn’t matter if you are so beautiful and you have all the resources because you are a girl and GOD did not make you to flirt. is only attraction but not comes through deep relationship such as friendship.
    7.8 being single, you are free to go anywhere you want with can be happy without thinking that there is somebody who is jealous and having will also experience many things that can’t be experienced if you are married or in a relationship such as going out with good friends and having good times with them.
    9.honestly,i’m not yet looking for it, but if the right time will come for me to have relationship, i will choose to have a romantic relationship because you can find there satisfaction,trust,peace,patience,joy and especially you will both grow spiritually if you are both Christians.
    10.let love find you.because if you’ll look for it,you may be mistaken but when you let it find you and you first prioritize GOD, then there is nothing to worry.
    11.true love means you love GOD more than yourself and your partner.true love means letting GOD to be the center of your future relationship.
    12.16.for me,in this present generation,at ages 25-27, a person is already prepared for a marriage.
    13.relationship means the interaction between two individuals respecting and accepting each other just the way they are.
    14.jealousy and often quarrel
    15.your spiritual status and relationship with GOD. through praying for each other and sharing the Word of GOD.
    16.expressing of love may vary in different ways but for me, i express it through caring and giving thanks to that person through words and gifts.
    17.sometimes you are left behind on their topics and as you grow older, you look for special care and love on others.
    18.honestly, i haven’t encountered that question, but since i’m here,i just want to be loved in a way that he would accept and love me as me.i want to be loved by him 3rd after GOD and himself.
    19.infatuation is being attracted personally to a person and loving someone conditionally.
    20.if they are wearing short skirts and dress. be worth loving,you must have and show deep and growing relationship with will be unworthy loved if you are just playing and having fun in a relationship.

    i may not have answered very well those questions but i hope these answers can help others and is my cell no. 09202791092. if i’ll win or not,it’s ok.

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