Commitment not MU!

The world teaches a different thing or perspective concerning relationships with the opposite sex. Its okei to be in a “relationship” without a commitment. Kaya super complicated ang journey niyong dalawa.Commitment nt MUAng reason ng ilan…

“Hassle kase e.” “Ay0ko ng additional responsibility.” “Hindi pa ako handa.”

Statements such as these doesn’t make any sense. We strongly believe that its more than being attracted with someone or palagay ang loob niyo sa isa’t isa or you said “I love you mwah mwah” to someone. The question of “Am i ready to spend the rest of my life with this person?” ” Am i willing to do anything for her sake and welfare?” These are basic questions to consider.

Commitment is not just a cheap invitation, attracting you to great benefits and advantages. It involves unbelievable cost and supreme sacrifices. spare your heart

 Commitment is the answer not MU thing. Commitment looks in the future! One time shot, short time, playing safe doesn’t describe it at all. If you’re not yet ready, stop and think! Spare your heart from aches. Save it and wait for the right time. Build healthy relationships first to your family, friends, classmates, workmates, churchmates.


Think about this.. God’s love for you is not a MU thing. He built it in commitment to fulfill the promise he has set before our hearts. Its a relationship that will never end. Forever, that’s what we call COMMITMENT.

Are you afraid of commitments?

What things hinder you to commit faithfully to someone?

Do you need a change on how u personally view things?



59 thoughts on “Commitment not MU!”

  1. ,,tinamaan ako..we should not attach ourselves to someone like that MU thing if we are not totally ready to love..escape goat ng mahihina ang MU. selfishness. PArang gusto mo maging masaya dahil may isang tao na nanjan para sau,pero ikaw sa sarili mo parang ayaw mo magbigay.

    Better be sure that ur ready for a commitment rather than might keep you hanging. Sad.

  2. hai salamat poh sa advice na toh..
    marami poh akong na.learn..
    tska pw k rin m.share sa mga friends ko..
    my mga HS ngtatanong skin so kailangan k ng back.up..
    buti nlg nkapunta aku sa site na to..
    tnx poh talga…

  3. wow praise God galing po mag advice ng site n toh..awwww…yes, my two thumbs up to ur sayings and advice…God have made me so knowledgeable about love..tru love that he offers…thanks be to him and glory to God…we hope that this site will not stop posting many advice that are really helpful especially to the youth like me..anyways, though i have no MU partner, gf, or watever, its really nice to be knowledgeable and be prepared for the things that i will be facing in this youthful life i have…thanks to all the organizers and advisers of this site..Godbless and bless God… =)

  4. Hi Yan, Josiah, Lerry

    Thank God for your lives.

    May you shine always bringing love and hope to those whom you know and not.

    Keep it coming!


  5. wow! you guys are awesome!

    i admit i have no experience in love but yeah, i totally agree. i even wonder where this MU thing came from. i really don’t get it why people play safe… commitment is one great thing and i don’t see the point why people try to avoid it. we should learn how to give out love and learn to let it in.
    MU as i understand it, means more like being a coward. being selfish…

    well, anyway, thank you. i really am thankful for knowing this site…
    god bless!!!

  6. Wah..i miss the TLW team na…when kaya ulit kayo punta la salle lipa?..

    nywei…about this MU thing…before napunta na din ako sa ganyang situation and you know what, ang hirap ng situation na yun..lalo na at babae ako….syempre, as a girl, gusto namin na may security but at the same time kami din naman yung ayaw mag commit because of fear na is selfishness on our part..and most of those people na asa ganitong situation never end up together….konti lang yung natutuloy….kasi dahil wala nga commitment kahit gusto mag demand nung isa, wala syang right…di ba?so what would he/she do pag di napagbigyan ang gusto?maghahanap ng iba na makakapagbigay ng gusto nya…and that’s how it will end….

    haiz…that’s sad…kaya guys, WAG MUNA magmadali…sabi ko nga, everything will fall in their right places at the right time….you must know the person first..bakit pa mag MU?kung mahal mo, eh di kayo..kung hindi, eh di hindi…kung di ka sigurado, kilalanin mo pa ng husto….wag magmamadali…

  7. About dun sa 1st question, well, Yes..I am afraid of commitments. Hirap na kasing magtiwala ngayon and just by looking at other couples who break up only after months, Imas lalo akong nadidiscourage. Teen love never lasts kasi eh, so maybe, wait na lang muna for the right person before committing.

  8. yeah! that’s right.. in God, everything will fall into right place and right time… just wait…haha!! 🙂

  9. true love waits! yea dis is a great post, scpecially for us teeners who gets “in loved” easily 😛

  10. On commitment, when I’m in a relationship usually I question myself,
    “Am i ready to spend the rest of my life with this person?”
    ” Am i willing to do anything for her sake and welfare?”
    “Is he the type of person whom I will grow old with?”

    I always check myself if I’m still on the right path, balance things whether it is right or wrong. but when I fall, i usually forget these important things. I just love. and the thoughts of “against all odds, beat the odds etc. etc.. blah blah..” resides on my mind. and then I trip. I didn’t think much, as long as I know that I love and I care, its okay. everything will be fine..
    but I AM WRONG.. I forget things and then everything will fall apart. Then I will see myself single and asking God why. But now I stop. I just embrace the fact of being single. I still get happiness. satisfaction.

    its just that love would come along. in the right place at the right time. and then i will be the happiest women on earth. 🙂 thanks to God.

  11. Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up,
    until the time is ripe—and you’re ready.

    I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem,
    By the gazelles or by the hinds of the field,
    That you do not arouse or awaken my love
    Until she pleases.”

    Song of Solomon 2:7

    Kaya WAG MUNA…kung hindi mssktan k lng at madidisapoint..

    Pain that comes from the stubborness of an untrusting heart will reap wounds that God never intended for His “beloved” to endure…

    He loves us so much that He doesn’t want us to suffer that kind of “pain”…

    It pays to wait…

  12. been there, done that!. and trust me, the MU thing-y,it doesn’t worth the love at all. who wants to love and be loved without any guarantee of owning the person.. ayt!? l mean we all want to be in a better relationship, my point is that we can’t have a better relationship with someone if we’re not even in it…so why do we waste our time on someone who doesn’t see our worth.. right?.. who’s with me? hahaha lolz. but seriously.. MU is like the sun, it just blinds you.. =P

  13. am i late to leave a reply..

    anyway.. committing ur life with someone is never that easy.. you need to fully trust that person and give him your loyalty in return.. ganun magkcommit sa relationship.. just like committing ur life to God.. you fully trust God he’ll give it to you as well.. why not offer that relationship or whatever to God and let Him will lead you on your decisions.. pray before committing yourself to one person.. ask God if he or she is the right one for you.. dont waste your time hanging out with people na hindi mo kaya ipag katiwala ang buhay mo sa kanya.. Always pray and ask God coz he will direct you..

    GodBless TLW! thanks so much for inspiring us on having the right relationship and being hardcore in God’s name..

  14. you know what i love to see people in love with each other but there are times that we need to think wisely about the relationship that we will enter.

  15. I have a ka-MU and we’re really close but sometimes I miss my quiet time qith the Lord because I’m up all night chatting with him. I feel guilty almost everynight because I feel like it’s idolatry already to think of someone or something else more than to think of God. I feel like the guy is my priority when I know he shouldn’t be…
    We need to set our goals straight! Be more focused!

  16. now i know the difference…being commited is bein a full grown individual..emotionally,spiritually and personally..ndi sukatan ng pagiging lalaki kun ilang babae dumaan sa kanya..masususkat yun kung kya nya panindigan lahat ng mga bibnibitawan nya salita..,how can he hold on to his promises..looking forward sa future and not just playing around..kc ndi ka lang nman nanloloko ng kapwa f ur jus playin around..niloloko mo rin pati sarili mo..ndi masama ang dba mas masrap kun you’ll take the rest of your time together..but ang tanong…ARE YOU READY???ARE YOU WILLING?? HE/SHE THE RIGHT ONE???

  17. Let God be your shepherd…for He will lead you to no harm…just leave and surrender to God and everything and everything will fall into places in the right time…

  18. hey…pacomments po = )

    wanna share my experience bout MU things…
    i used it 1st when im in the situation,ung walang commitments ba 4 me to get & know d person ng maige…
    then nung tyms na i felt im inlove na with him i pray & ask kay God if he is the one nb? then thanks God after my on & off past relationship with a guy na nasaktan ako finally God answers my prayer He gave me a God fearing person now…
    well i advise ask 1st it kay God then he will make the move….
    magugulat ka nalang anjan na ung ryt 1 4 u in unexpected moment,place,tym & xmpre unxpected person na ibbgy n GOD ! so be patient & wait for the perfect timing ni GOD = )

  19. haha…magulo tlga yng MU no…hay basta kht anong relasyon magulo tlaga///ewan ko wla ako sa sarili bout love magulo ako jan…hahah…malas ata ako jn… basta w8 ko n lng ung bbgay sken ni God… ung Gods will para saken…

  20. yeah right… mahirap talaga kapag m.u lang kayo.. na ka hang ka lang s life nya… and you dont know how you will react in some aspects of your life… mas masarap na gods will ang mamahalin mo.. Total commitment dapat… and the best thing to do is wait for your gods will… TRue LOve Waits…. godbless…super naka relate aq… more power…

  21. gekgek….tama..tama…ganyan rin po ginawa ko dati..ayao ko po sa responsibility peo gusto ko ng intimacy..(equals stupidity)..but by the grace of God.. ok na po
    ako ngeun at gusto ko pong pukawin ang iba ko pang ka generation about wat really love is…it COMMITS…Godbless TLW!!

  22. oo nga nmn…
    tma kau…
    kng mhal k tlga ng isng tao mkkpg-antay yn…
    kc evrything hs a ryt time…

  23. wow! aus to ah..

    nde q lam qng MU kmi ng gf q ngeion kc ngbreak kmi nun and then ngkblikan kmi ngeion without any COMMITMENTS! i dont know/..

  24. this is absolutely right! 😀 thought it’s really hard to go against the wind of today’s lifestyle but if it’s HIS will and if you have given your life to HIM, it’s a must…but this is what’s in my heart, it may cost you so much pain of loneliness but God knows and HE sees and HE knows how to reward you…just trust HIM faithfully… 😀

    God Bless!

  25. — true love waits nga naman. all we need is a lot of self-control, and of course, God’s decision.. not ours.
    ** don’t stick on things that you just “like” because “like” never gets equal with LOVE, REAL LOVE :]

    God bless everyone. 😀

  26. God is great! kz may gnagamit clang missionaries na mga youth….ktatapos lng ng TLW sming church nitong feb. 4 nd 5..mejo bitin nga eh…pero grabe mamimis nmin sina sis cecile and bro.ernest…thanks kz mdami kmi nlaman and it will help us a lot.
    yah! i agree, commitment is forever like Jesus did for us! so, dapat kelangan mhalin muna ntin creator ntin, sa knya muna tayo gnung paraan, malalaman ntin ang tunay na commitment through prayers xempre.

    thanks a lot! Go

  27. waa.. im so affected.. currently, im into that MU relationship.. a friend of mine told me the other meaning of MU, that is “Maling Ugnayan”.. and i agree with her..

    grabeh tlaga ang pain na naidudulot nyan.. ang prob kasi, hindi mo alam san ka lulugar.. u expect sumthing of which you are not suppose to.. tuloy, disapointments lang makukuha mo..

    kaya, it’s really better to wait.. pero sabi nga ni joshua harris (di ako sure if xa), it’s hard to surrender your lovelife to the lord.. in fact, it’s the last thing na sinusurender natin…personaly, mahirap kasi tlga to put your trust on the author of your lovelife… but it’s the best thing that we can do… kaya wag muna tlaga.. TRUST…

  28. commitments may bring you problems but those problems are just normal and it would bring you more into greater maturity regarding love

  29. hindi naman siguro ganun kasama magkaron ng MU..
    ang masam siguro ang masama eh kung magkaron din kayo ng sexual relationship without being commited sa isa’t -isa even kay God…
    we are responsible of ourselves. kung alam naman ng isa’t-isa na may feelings na sila to each other at ramdam naman nila ung presence ni God sa relationship nila. why not seryosohin diba???

    sabi nga, ang love ni GOd for us is not like an MU thing..
    he loves us that he died on the cross for us???

    or kung hindi nyo feel yung comment ko, just wait until God do something unto both of you…

  30. ako, i’m still not ready for any commitments .. takot pa kasi ako, and i can’t handle such responsibility yet .. masasaktan ko lang sya kaya eto , i’m waiting for a sign kung kelan kaya ko na .. we’re friends and i’m not doing anything wrong against sa kanya .. i’m happy 🙂 and we’re both happy ..

  31. galing kanina.well that true love waits.and thanks kanina sa pagshashare:D

    pano ba malalaman kung anjan na pala ang true love mo?

  32. . MU .
    . its simpLy means “MAGULONG USAPAN” .
    . why ? . kxe u have nO rights para magseLos . ma hUrt oR anytHing . mahirap pag mag MU . basta just ask gOd and pray wid him . para malinawan ka kung anu ng dapat gawin . 🙂 .

    . mOre pOwer TRUE LOVE WAITS!! .
    . im fRom Bataan christian schooL:) .
    . godbLess .

  33. . i’ve Learn a Lot fOm true Love waits ! . its a very nice cermOn:) . i Love it ! .

    . MORE POWER!! .

  34. eunice grace b garcia

    thank you for your advice im camper in sambalez last night .i lern from you about god. and believe in god because of your advice and god said .for god so love the world that he gave his only begotten son and whosoever believes in him will not perish but have ever lasting life.john 3:16

  35. wala b kaung bago…regarding nmn sa..ung guy my pananagutan n pro npamahal cya dun sa girl n nging frend nia…pls advice aman…

  36. woow… yun oh… aztig… lam nyu ba … dati mu lang kmi pero ngssbhan ng “i love you” prang mag-on kami pero hindi pa eh… sbi nya … prang tayu pero walang commitment… tapos nung kelan lang naicip nya cguro…ewan q lang qng anu yun… bgla aq cnagot eh d nmn aq nnliligaw…svi nya kc dti wg mu ung ligawan eh kya d q xa tinatanung qng pde n mnligaw…tapos un… sobra saya …. un lang…

    galing nyu… go go go go …..hahahahahhahahahahha…. kip up d good work… d bets ^_^

  37. woow… yun oh… aztig… lam nyu ba … dati mu lang kmi pero ngssbhan ng “i love you” prang mag-on kami pero hindi pa eh… sbi nya … prang tayu pero walang commitment… tapos nung kelan lang naicip nya cguro…ewan q lang qng anu yun… bgla aq cnagot eh d nmn aq nnliligaw…svi nya kc dti wg mu ung ligawan eh kya d q xa tinatanung qng pde n mnligaw…tapos un… sobra saya …. un lang…

    galing nyu… go go go go …..hahahahahhahahahahha…. kip up d good work… d bets ^_^

    I love INGRID

  38. nyc,.

    pwd kb makilala?

    galing ng statement mo a..

    inlove ka sguro?


    incredible. wow. na amaze tlga q ..

    tnx din..

    npadpad aq sa site mo..

    keep it up.^^

  39. pano kong gusto mo ung kaibigan mo turing nio dati bestfriend pero ikaw hindi na ano gagawen mo?

  40. John Mello Amaro UCC

    I had and I pickled some special and sentimental lessons here that fulfilling myself
    into advantages that why that “Ang sarap pag kay JESUS ka kasi nasiseek mo ang
    sarili mo pati na ang faith mo sa kanya, not unlike na makmundo ka at na-oobsess
    ka sa makasanlibutang bagay! Thank you so much in this special site & this site will light up my life and even motivating my parents, brother & sister, relatives, friends, classmates, and churchmates. It says in Romans 12:2 “do not conform in the pattern of this world” Because God loves us forever and to keep us away from sins and worldly doings to keep going near on God forever…..

  41. John Mello Amaro UCC

    And to you all students here is my reminds to you “Wag magagalit or ma-oofend”
    Dont be selfish in love because all of us in this world are have a right to love aside for our special someone. And find the true love in the person you has to be had some feeling to him or her and says”Love is patient and kind, nor jealous mor selfish or rude” and “Love is Understanding!” Gaining TRUE LOVE not OBSESSION because obsession can kill you emotionally and it can poison you, and that’s why selfish love is worse for our relationship even in our relationship through God.
    Remember: Love is the TRUE ANSWER…..

  42. can i ask a question?

    dapat b kame mga gurl ang sisiin after brk up?eh ung boy naman ang nkipagbrk tas ang s2bhin lang nla na reason ay hindi pla nila kaya na mwala kame,anu un? gimik lang para msaktan ang feelings namin?

  43. tama nga naman, so dapat, pag may nanliligaw sau, sabihin mo “will you marry me?, don’t answer it first, find me after some years and tell me the answer” kung hindi rin lang naman forever, or for good, or magtatagal, bakit kelangan pa pasukin. Stay with someone who you know will be there even if time passes, if he could wait, then, maybe it is true love. if he comes back, he loves you.

  44. absolutely off topic:

    hey derek. finally got the time to browse the tlw site – it is great.

    by the looks of your sked, you are a very busy man – PTL.
    at the rate your sked’s going, it’d be hard for us to take a dip in your pool again this summer. =)

    GB bro.
    i am praying for you.


  45. Mu?…

    nKo mHrap yAn…

    nArAnSn q n yAn eHh..
    nDi m0h lAm kun sn p2tUng0 rElaSy0n nYo…

    wLang sEcuRity,wLa kc c0mMitment…

    Ung aLa kng mpNgHa2wAkan kc la nMn tLgA kAung rElasy0n…

    wAt if o0,m.U. nGa kAu,swEet-sWeEtan xA sAu,..tAz 1 dAy bGla xA mAnlAmiG,cn0h kWawa?Db kAw dn?…

    lLo n mGa guRlz…tAu mDlAs n kwAwa dyn ehHh..tAu mS nSsktn…(n0 oFfEnse b0yZ,ndi nMn lHt gn0n..)

    s pArt q nMn,..
    e2 kMi nGaun,..mAsaya lEgal n b0yfriend-giRlfrieNd…

    hE aSkeD me if i c0uld be hiz gf aBouT 1yr and 6m0nths…hehe…Wiwit!..

    lEss0n lEarnEd?…

    kUn,tLgAng mHal m0h aNg iSang tAo,d0 n0t b afraid 2 be c0mmiTeD…

    aNd kUng mHal m0h tlGa,y0u’re wilLing to tKe the riSk dBa?

    M.U.-stAnds f0r “mAgul0ng uSaPan”

    ( ~^_^~ )

  46. kimBerLy ClaUdine

    ..i thought.. it is easy, to say entering in a commitment starts from MU..

    i FELT an IRRESPONSIBLE leader when my disciples..
    enter in a early MU lNg..

    just i keep quiet.. bUt it tUrn to worst..

    so I know.. now from my experience, In this article

    i Understand now..

    ThaNk u..

    and God Bless U more..

  47. bgo ka mging deeper sa isang tAong gusto mo….M.U man yan or something….dApat mas marealize nting lahat na mAs mainLove tAu kay LORD deeper….eto 100pErcent fOr sUre mAy pAtutungUhan at may panghahawakan taung lOooots of pRomises gAling sa kAnya…”GOD KNOWS BEST”……P.U.S.H lAng…..

  48. having commitment is not easy thing to do.. napaka hirap, anjan ung magta2nong k,,, xa n nga kea? nd kea xa maglo2ko? compatible kea kme? mga tnong n pag p2loy n hinahanapan ng sgot ay maaaring mging single nlng 4ever because of unsatisfaction..

    as of now sobrang nhi2rapan aq.. der r tyms pg mgksma kme, sobrang tempting, to do dos things n nd p dpt… to d point na anjn na, as in e2 na… pero nd tlga ha2yaan ni GOD n ma punta kme to a wrong path, so bigla q mata2uhan.. even alam q n at d end mggl8 xa dhil nd q tlga keang gwin, minsan sobrng hirap kc tlga…

  49. wahhhh…timing namn to..bulletin ng frenship ko web nyu..hahhaha..2lly ala nman akong k M.U hekhek…en i also dont agree s gnung set up..not worth of everything..ngllokohan lng kau..kpgod lng..

    anyway..i read but not all of the comments ..ang dami ng react hahaha…isa n ko dun hehe.. all ol of them are RIGHT…right to wait GODs will if we ol want TRUE LOVE that WORTH ALL… saya kaya nun..mas kilig un d p kkpgod…hihihihi..let us not decide on r own understanding..kht p gno tau kakilig…sumtimes that kilig factor only fools us to say n love nga un..ayyiieee(nasa topic pb mga cnsb ko?)

    ..san man tau mkrating still LET US SEEK GOD FIRST…ok…HE knows a lot more than us….more than our k M.U….God will give nman our hearts desire ehh..bst obey lng wat he knows and plan for us..’dont hurry love u just have to wait..for theright time right place and RIGHT GUY!!!

    GOD BLESS US!!! thnxs me ari ng web hahahaha..1st tym kong maligaw s mga gnitong site..hehhehe kip it up!!!

  50. this site is a blessing keep it up and God bless ung pag lilingkod dapat ang unahin natin wag tong love na to haha bonus n lng satin yan ni Lord tnx sa site naging reminder po kau sakin thanks a lot “To God Be The Glory” ^_^

  51. s a p p h i r e

    yeah. this is right. God’s love for us is no MU-thing. once you feel God’s love, it keeps flowing & flowing and continually hitting & hitting. sometimes i could say, “Lord, enough, i’m drowning already” :]] He never let us go. and i will never stop falling in love with Him.

    God bless. and may God continue to use you as a “signing board” to point others to Christ.

  52. ano po ggwin ko kpag nagcommit n nga po kme pro nagulo kse my 3rd party n pla? then i still love him pero nanliligaw xia ng ibang babae khet na inde nia nman mhal..
    mag momove on na po b ako or hihintyin ko nlng xia.? mhal na mhal ko po tlga iung guy e.alam nia din iun pero nambababae pdn.ano po ggwin ko?? elp!

  53. Hi Yeye,

    Sabi nga ng Jeremiah 17:9, ‘The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure’.
    We can always reason out things tru what we feel but if it is not right then we make fool of ourselves.

    If that person really loves you, hindi na dapat siya nanliligaw sa iba kahit na wala siyang feelings dun. True Love is being committed to someone consistently!

    Keep your heart guarded!

  54. this is just like the song by The Corrs!

    “Don’t say you love me unless it’s forever
    Don’t tell me you need me, if you’re not gonna stay
    Don’t give me this feeling, I’ll only believe it
    Make it real…or take it all away”

    being in a relationship is not a “just for fun” thing….
    it’s not love if commitment is inexistent,
    Love is something that’s meant to last forever.

    …man, one of the greatest things I’ve heard at our school seminar!

    w00t thanks TLW for the seminar at Makati Hope Christian School!

  55. ‘, tlaga aq…sa mga coment nla when i read it..grav..tama nga tlaga..we must wait 4 the ryt person..kc qng xa tlaga ang itinadhana sau..xa tlga..oh!!!db..bhala nlng c God..2 give us the prfect one..Godbless us all…

  56. I think yung mga ganyang case dapat talaga binibigyan ng pansin.. If you really love someone you should be ready of the commitment.. Basta remember lang na isubmit ang lahat kay God.. =) YEHAY! Camp na sa monday! excited na ko sa mga discussion! =)))

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