How do you say SORRY!

Forgive me! 

One student named Joel decided to let everyone on campus know he was a Christian.Joel decided to build a small booth in the middle of the campus and paint a sign on it “CONFESSION BOOTH”. He thought it would be a great time while everyone was sinning to let them know he was a Christians. But here’s the catch… He wasn’t actually going to accept confessions,…pero baliktad, he was going to confess to the students.Sabi niya, “We are going to confess that, as followers of Jesus, we have not been very loving; we have been bitter, and for that we are sorry. We apologize for televangelists, we apologize for neglecting the poor and lonely, we ask will ask forgiveness daw and we will say in our selfishness, we have misrepresented Jesus on this campus. We will tell people who come into our booth that Jesus loves them”

Joel said, “I want to apologize for the many ways I have misrepresented the Lord”.

He had betrayed the Lord by judging, by not being willing to love the people Jesus had loved and only saying with his mouth but not through his actions.

The first student to enter the booth asked, Paul asked, “What’s the booth about?” Joel responded, I am confessing my sins’Ano ba yan?There’s a lot, pero I’ll make it short,” “Jesus said to feed the poor and heal the sick. I have never done very much about that. Jesus said to love those who persecute me. I tend to lash out, lalo na kung I feel threatened, you know, if my ego gets threatened. There is a lot more, you know”In short, I have done little of what God requires. Namely making Him Famous throughout the World or even our campus.

In True Love Waits we are sharing with young people about making wise choices.

Sometimes, I am sure we encounter students who have made other choices.

One thing I want to make clear…

All of us make mistakes in one way or another. God is also very clear about that. We all fall short of his standard. If we say we are holy and without fault, we make God out to be a liar and there is nothing true about us.

We know we are all broken.


I just want to say from TLW to everyone out there… maybe someone hurt you. Maybe it was a girl, maybe it was a guy, maybe it was your parents, maybe your best friend, maybe the church, maybe someone who you thought….. loved you.

If anyone ever  judged you for your mistakes,… for that,….we would like to say “SORRY”

We confess to you, so that we all may find healing in this.

Write us and let us know we are forgiven.

Derek Ross, National Director True Love Waits / Sinner Saved By Grace


8 thoughts on “How do you say SORRY!”

  1. I forgive you as God forgave my sins. May God and the universe also forgive me from all my wrongdoings. “I am not worthy to receive you but only say the word and I shall be healed. ” AMEN

  2. Im always saying to you God na “di ko na uulitin uli………. but still nagiging habit ko na yung sin na yun…. until i found na ang hirap nang umalis…… God fogive me……… and never leave me cause i cant live with out you……………

  3. Lord sorry kc npk sinfull q!! inspite of being a mtgal ng christian am still doing some sinfull activities like – M- Word –
    na cnsv q s srili q n ayaw q n but i did not made ny promise to my self still satan deceived me at ngptalo nmn aq!! guys help me nmn kung panu q mllmpasan un!! and still my sexual desire is for both men and women!! xv nga nla clhis kv but i answered no!! llki aq!! but satan said hindi clhis k!! oh lord im sorry for that big stupidity!!

  4. it’s really a good thing that we know how to humble ourselves and accept our mistakes. pero we shoudn’t be condemned naman diba? Yes, we are Christians, but we are not perfect, just forgiven.

  5. We may be forgiven, thanks to the Lord for his mercy… Let us all be prepared for the consequences… GOd Bless..

  6. i’ve already surrendered but why do i keep on stumbling.. i commit the same sin over and over again.. i really want to be free from the bonds of sin but everytime i’m put to the test.. i fail.

    i always ask for God’s grace and strength because i know i can’t do it on my own.. i’m so SORRY Lord for disappointing you.. for snatching the steering wheel back and always trying to take control of my life even subconsciously..

    i think it helps if we openly admit our sins. if we can reconcile with the fact that we are sinners and that we need God’s saving grace.. I’m sorry, Lord. Please be patient with me.. I LOVE YOU, Lord..

  7. I have forgiven u…. just lyk what God has done 4me & 4 everybody….

    minsan tlga nkkgwa tau ng mga mistakes…. then after gwin un or sbihin, ska lng ntin mre2alize n mali pla….

    hay,, khit aq, guilty s gnon…

    & khit n nkhingi nq ng sorry s taong ngwan or nsbihan q ng ndi mganda, stil,, andun un feeling n guilty prin aq…

    though sbi nya, “ala un”

    but still,, I know n nsktan xa… kya nga, I’m so guilty s nsbi qng un… hay,, I do pray & hope n maibalik q uli ung trust nya skin dti as a friend & as a sister…

    once again,, I’m very sorry te jhoy…

    God Bless us all!!!!

  8. I always say”SORRY”,,,,,

    but after that i always do the same again…..

    nhhrapan po aqng e-avoid na mgkmli ulit…

    mnsan nga po d nlng ako ngsasalita to avoid na my msaktan ako,,,,,
    di po kc ako mplagay pag di ako nkpagsori….

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