Crazy Love

Think and reflect on this: How would you feel when someone whispers “I love you” in your ears right now?

Maybe shivers would run through your spine and your heart beat speeds into a chase. And it would feel good. If you’re in a relationship, you’d probably wish that your boyfriend/girlfriend would gently whisper “I love you”  or if you’re not in a relationship, you’d wish that you’re in one so you can experience the thrill of being loved. If we are this excited about experiencing LOVE with a human being, then how much exciting would it be if the God of this universe extends you His love?

That’s what exactly Francis Chan talks about in his New York Times best-selling book, Crazy Love. Our heart longs to be in a stable and lasting relationship yet human relationships would always fail us at some point. God is offering something that will never fail us and it’s an invitation to a passionate love relationship with Himself. And once you encounter His love, as Francis describes, you will never be the same. Because when you’re wildly in love with someone, it changes everything.

Crazy Love Introduction

I recently read a great book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  You’re probably wondering what this “crazy love” is.  In the book, Chan explains that the love God has for us is crazy.  Chan wants us to understand that God loves us so much that he sent his Son as a replacement for our sins.  We should be so compelled by what God has done for us that we should be crazy in love with God.  This is the main point of the book.  This book changed how I think.  God loves us so much.  I need to stop living my life, forgetful of God, and center my life on loving God and people.  I really liked this book and it taught me a lot about God’s love.  When people talk about God’s love, I see it differently now.  God’s love really is crazy and amazing and we need to start living like it is.  I definitely recommend this book to anyonesomeone who doesn’t know a lot about loving God or someone who is a strong Christian.  I found this book interesting and full of wisdom.  I hope you will read this book and find it as interesting as I did.  You will definitely learn a lot.  Happy reading!

 -Sunday, 15
Pasig City


Read a sample chapter from Crazy Love here.


Crazy Love Audiobook available at Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM)

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  1. I think this book is available in St. Francis Bookstore near Megamall and also in House of Praise. It cost around 600-650 pesos. It’s worth buying though. This book made a big impact to me and to a lot of people I know. Sana makabili kayo 🙂

  2. Concepcion Tan Antonio

    Good morng, im intnrested to buy that book crazy love relentless by francis chan, can i order that book? Nandito po ako sa cebu, talisay city.

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