Crazy Love

Crazy_love.jpg What’s the first thing that comes into your mind whenever you hear the word love? Is it a heart? Text messages from a friend? A person so dear to you? You can think many stuff, right. How about the word crazy? You might ask, “San, loob o labas?” hehe. But its more than that.

When we marry “Crazy” and “Love”  it can explode to an intense passion towards someone. It’s to have a soul single passion to the One who is so dear to you! In a few weeks to come, i’ll be sharing to you reflections in discovering this ultimate desire of loving someone more than the requirements and standards, seeing as He is the only One you are looking for, savoring the sweetness and greatness of the One who has fashioned you according to his grandeur design.

This is more than just a book review but a time to examine if the life you are living now is working. If not, will introduce the life that will challenge you to do hard things, push you to live on the edge, and invite you to be part of a body where radical living is the norm.

Keep this in mind,

when you’re wildly in love with someone, it changes everything!


Think about these:

  • What are some crazy things you’ve done for the sake of love?
  • Do you at times feel that loving others is a duty instead of love?
  • Are you looking for an authentic relationship with someone?

39 thoughts on “Crazy Love”

  1. Renor Riza V. Valera

    Eversince i have been looking for an org like this, parang nkahana ako ng kakampi. This is realy good specially to us young people.

  2. M.U….hhahaa bat ka pa makikipag M.U.a relashionship na walang commitment??
    for me i will wait nlang kung anu man ang ibibigay sakn ni LORD…..M>U???

  3. I sometimes feel loving someone is a duty. I never really loved someone unlike teens my age, but I did some silly things in the past for the person whom I really admired. Silly, because I realized that it’s not worth it and I should have seen that one coming and not be so stupid. Now I lost something worth more than the one I admired. I was full of regrets and but I’m willing to change and to avoid doing something risky again.

  4. … hai, love?? naku na experience ko na yan.. ang massasabi ko lang, it’s relly happy and sad to be inlove..
    natutunan ko na dapat nagtitira pa pala ng pagmamahal sa sarili..hehe!!
    ang mapapayo ko lang sa iba jan, dapat in a relationship, give and take lang..

  5. mahirap tlga ma-in love… sometimes it pushed you to an unexpected things whether it’s for good or bad… that’s how it goes… loving someone is the preparation for yourself of hurting… that’s the real meaning of love that can’t be yours… and the only thing you can do is, jus wait… wait for God’s signal…

  6. love haha… uiiii

    crazy love, to tell you … i haven’t got any relationship for 16 years.. (well i’m 17.. hahah) they call us the “ngsb”…

    but i would truly want to experience the love … you know the kilig.. moments factor..

    i mean crushes are different from the “thing” right? hahaha

    but i’m sure i’m gonna wait for my Father to grant me my space-in-the-hand thing..
    the right someone.. haha but for a while …

    guys enjoy the intimate relationship we have with God! then maybe one day… she will come at your door with God on her side… hahaha

  7. LOVE makes us HAPPY !!!
    but we cannot assure that it will last FOREVER..

    like me,.
    ive been in relationship for 3 years,.
    we really love each other,. he was 6 years older than me,.
    ,.nasabi ko noon,.
    siya na until the end,.
    ,.but i was wrong,.
    he my TRUST to him,.
    ,.im far with him because im still studying,.
    but i never forget yung pagiging gf ko sa kanya,.
    never ako nagkulang,.
    ,.until i heard he have another woman,. and the sad things of this is,. the girl was already pregnant and his the father,. ngayon kasal na sila,.
    its been 1 year after we break up,.
    and unti unti ko nrin nakakalimutan yung sakit,.

    now im still single,.and i know in the right time,.GOD will give to me right MAN who will LOVE me for the rest of life,.

    i really like your website..

  8. i been waiting my whole life for someone who can make a difference in my life. i mean falling in and out of love is natural for us teens, but everytime it happens, some always end up crying and heart-broken. me, as a hopeless romantic person, one of my medium is through writing stuff like songs, poems etc… i write on every heartbreak, lovestruck… blah blah blah just to express my emotions. i admit, i never had a good relationship,, haha.. well. t’was okay, hmm.. i really don’t know if it is because i’m not that good in handling a relationship or maybe i’m just unlucky in love.. i could say i’m good in giving advice to others especially when in comes to love, then when it’s for myself,.. i can’t even decide on what to do. ayzz..ugHh!

  9. love..

    srap pkinggan..msya..pero it’s not that happy always..
    i belong to those “NBSB” as in no boyfriend since birth..
    coz ang gusto ko..
    my first man would also be my last..

    til now..

    la pang trace ng right man ko..
    pero i’l continue waiting til the right time will come..
    in His own time..

  10. LOVE! i cn say ol pipol relate on dis topic, from d teenage up to d gray hairs out der. evey1 lOVE this wonderful topic, but d question is what LOVE u r going thru? it is from d earthly love that 100% makes u painful,crying 2 death and d worst is hardened ur heart,or it is a GODly LOVE, that u xperiencing d peaceful en salvation of r Lord GOD Savior,that guarantee u an eternal joy en grace og d Lord!THINK ABOUT THIS!

  11. I heard from someone that the word love is one of the most abused words in the dictionary..and I think he’s right! you know when you get into a relationship at an early might think its love maybe it is or maybe it isn’t! The hard part of it all is that you think this will last forever and then after that you’ve broken up or you hate each other. It’s really wise not to have a relationship when you’re young cause there are more important things like school, ministry or family what we really have to start focusing on right now is our relationship with God

  12. crazy love??agree!!!kc bein inluv pushes you to your limitations..prang finding someone na prang inspiration defintely changes you..f u rili love a person ms gu2s2hin mo mgbago 4 a better indvidual…nde madali un ha!!?it takes more dan sacrifice…alm co..kc gnun nanya2re skin we are too young..kya hold on lang co..pag settled and stable na lahat pra smin…dun co ppfeel skania kun gano co crazy in love wit her..most important hnayaan co si God hawak kun ano man mron kmi..


    If that would be a topic in a simple conversation..sometimes, I feel like there’s a hole inside my heart..I don’t know why but It seems like I’m missing something real..I mean..I also belong to NBSB..But I know in God’s time…I will meet that special someone =))

  14. hmmm..pano ba? love kasi minsan bandwagon nalang..u know, when all your friends have someone already and ure the only one that doesnt have then ull get inggit and u want to try it too. the pressure is on, you have to have someone too.

    then ull end up settling to whoever is available.. nakalimutan mo na magintay for the right one.:(

    its kinda frustrating because many one us is like that.. alam mo yung urge to have a hand that you can hold? basta, please as much as possible please wait for the right one. dont feel rush because in His sweet time..evrything will be in its proper place.

  15. i had been crazy in love. well, becoz i almost did something crazy out of loving someone, almost. honestly, i regret not doing it totally like i would attemptedly tell the guy that i like him thou i dont see any hint that he is interested with me. and i always convince myself that he likes me too coz of the littlest dumbest things that he do yet its just me who fantasize about it but i realize it’s really crazy. i was crazy. i was struck with that thing. thankfully, i got out of my senses before i do something embarrassing. i also realize that i should wait, wait on the Lord’s will, someone whom He meant for us to be with. while doing that lets prepare ourselves to be the right person that God has prepared for us, being pure. all things have the right time.

  16. I’ve done the craziest thing for the sake of love, I fell in love with an unbeliever,
    madly deeply in love, he’s my first love, but our relationship didn’t last, because it was wrong in the first place
    until now I’m still mending a broken heart, it hurts so bad.

  17. ive just been in a relationship with a non-christian.
    alam kong wala akong naging pagkukulang sa kanya.
    last feb. 7, sat., kuya franco gave a lecture about this.
    na-realize ko na mali nga ung ginawa ko.

    believe it or not, God guided me in choosing a right path.
    inilayo niya sa akin yung guy.
    una hindi ko iyon matanggap. pero inisip ko na siguro un talaga ang tama
    dahil si God na mismo ang nagsabi sa akin na hindi siya ang tamang guy
    para sa akin.
    sinabi niya na may mahahanap akong better xkenea.

    neun, friends ult kme nung guy as we were before.

  18. i’m also in the NBSB club and it’s fun being part of it… i mean, being all twinklee-eyed, hoping and anticipating for the day the King will introduce me to my prince. I know it will be more amazing than a fairytale… it is a match made in heaven!

    it’s nice to read comments here. it’s a relief and a delight to know that there also exists people who share the same insights as mine. =)

    — i keep on praying and praying and praying. i hope the “one” i am praying for is also praying for me. And along the way, i know God will make us cross paths. ting! haha.


  19. pano po kung ung ex ko., 6 months na kmi break., yet., tuwing nkkta ko cla ng bagong gf nya na magkasama, nssktan pdn ako??? gusto ko na sya kalimutan pero d ko magawa. hnd sya gnun kgwapo, i don’t know why, pero mhl ko tlga., is that love???

  20. Hi Nhie,

    Moving on is a decision na dapat sayo manggaling. Allow God to help you. He wants you to have a love relationship with Him. He loves you so much! And maybe he’s preparing the right person for you na the best. Think about that!

  21. Hi Icaj,

    Great to hear from you! It was God who spoke to you last february 7. He wants you to be crazy in love with Him first. And yes, he is preparing the best person to be with you for the rest of your life. So, wait and beloved by God.


  22. thank u TLW., nakahanap ako ng kakampi., ahm., i always pray at night, pero parang wlang nangyyri., i trust and i believe i God po. bkt gnun?

  23. L0ve?

    f0r mE iTz a mAtTer of “giVe aNd rEceiVe rElAti0nShip”

    ~giVe oL u cAn giVe bUt d0n’t xPect n mAiB2lik sAu uNg pGmAmaHal m0h…

    ~aNo itAtake nTn s iSang tAo,kuNg aLa nMn tLgA xAng fEeling pRa sAu db?wE cAnNot f0rCe suM1 2 l0ve uS juSt bCoz we l0ve tHem rYt?

    ~giVe lAn ng giVe…rEceive lAn dn ng rEceive…

    ~kAu nMng mGa bnBgyAn oUt tHere,d0nt tAke it 4 gRanteD…

    ~l0ve iS n0t a mAtTer of liFe n dEaTh…kYa wAg muna mGpkSerioUs,mDmi tlGa nb2liw pGdtng s lUv…

    ~jUzt pRay 4
    tHe riGht tYm
    tHe riGht pLaCe
    tHe riGht pErs0n…

    c0z tRuE l0ve wAitz….

    (yEaH mEn,r0ck oN!..)

    ( ~^_^~ )

  24. does it mean i don’t feel love to somebody because i think that it is a duty?
    thanks for making me open.. (“,)

  25. ^i admired someone from my past and i have made a very big mistake. i was thinking that he will be my man forever. i know that change is the only certain thing yet i keep on denying it. apparently, he broke my heart. now, i do believe that change is the only constant thing, it could also change the feelings.
    for me, love is just a duty =)

  26. Hi Labster,

    There is a dilemma in our heart if we see love as a duty only. When it does, its just a routine that you need to do and your heart becomes tired and more focus about loving the person as an obligation.

    We love others because it is love. The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart.

    Consider this:

    Love without truth is hypocrisy.
    Truth without love is brutality.


  27. weeeeee
    ..i lubb this site
    share lang poh ako

    ..i was in a relationship befor..long distance relationship.
    .akala ko xa na tlga ang guy for me forever
    .but by God’s GRace..He let me realize na INFATUATION lang pla ung nafeel ko sa guy..
    ..kc one time nagfellowship kmi about LOVE ,PURITY and INFATUATION.
    .dun ko poh nalaman ang pagkakaiba nila
    .BIG difference nga ee..
    .so ayon nag break kmi
    ..kc alang patutunghan relasyon nmin if we would continue..ON and OFF kc
    ..lagi pa akong umiiyak nun.
    .AS IN
    .i’m so duper uber wuper emotional puh kc

    .VERY SINGLE po ako
    but so so so much happy.
    ..i’m letting GOD to work in my life in the right sequence
    IN oRder to wait For romance in my life,
    ..i must be able to believe
    ..that GOd’s timing of events is whats best for me.
    .I have to trust that,
    .but i must also surrender my wiLL to His,
    .believing that he’LL bring me e BF if i need one.
    .that He’ll bring me a love story if i need one..
    ..tnx poh
    ..LORD BLESS..^_^


  28. you know whats the meaning of love? sacrifice…
    a delicate negotiation.
    what Jesus did on the cross.. God gave his only son.. sacrifice!

    ive been through a lot of things.. not really good, when it comes to relationship.
    as i get older, im becoming much more of what ive become.
    God is always there guiding me. showing me the way. but its our choice if
    what path should we take. in general, we are stubborn and weak.
    sometimes we are so curious enough to see what love really is.
    if youre foolish enough to take things that you know its not giving you any good,
    then youre just giving yourself something that will really hurt you through the guts.

    having, putting, getting something without Christ is just… so empty.

    a friend told me this:
    what is man to do but to sin?
    and to sin not is to not grow.
    and to grow not is to not learn.
    and to learn not is to not hurt.
    and to hurt not is to not love…

  29. love ..
    amf !!
    happy but sad .. love mdaming naccra yan !! dpat my limit ang love mu sa isang tao !! ze pag walang limit kawawa ka sa huli !! i love disz website !! nag bi2gay kau ng advice to teens !! god bless ..

  30. I am waiting… and patiently waiting for that God’s will… the God’s will I’ve been praying… and I know in God’s perfect time He will reveal to me the right person… I just have to trust Him…

    for now… I am enjoying my life with God.. crazy in love with Him… 🙂

    for all young people out there… seek God first… and let God be the center of your life… and let Him be your guide in finding your true love… coz definitely…true love waits and h/she is really worth the wait… 🙂

  31. joshua lorenzo liloc

    aaaaai.,naku wg niu mxado mdaliin da2ting dn kau jan pg tnda niu…..hehehehehehe
    pg aaral muna po

    keep on rockin…
    god bless….

  32. hmmmm,
    yep. but this story of mine is really Weird ( I DON’T KNOW WHY).
    we began friends…then bestfriends for 3 weeks. Then, it seems I liked him., that we’re so close b4. He used to help me in my subjects-that was soooo hard! lol…until summer came, I joined youth in our church,devoted , then I was so focused with God, I always have quiet times, reading the Bible, that now I feel that I am so close to God.
    One day, when i woke up one morning(it was the day of our youth prayer mtg), it’s like I don’t like him anymore. I’m no longer inlove with him…REALLY!

  33. Ngayon ko lang nabasa to.. nakakatuwa kung tatagalugin ay ” Baliw na Pagibig ” tama ba? hehe.
    In this generation, grabe gamit na gamit ang salitang love tapos isasama pa sa crazy.. Many youth now, kapag love ang pag uusapan sobrang mga active, pumapasok dyan ang mga crushes, ligawan, hanggang matuloy sa isang relasyon. Karamihan ngayon akala nila its about holding hands, hugging, dating, kissing etc. kaya napupunta sa maling direction or break ups at dahilan ng stress, pagrerebelde, pregnancy at kung anu anu pa. Di natin alam alam na meron pa palang mas dapat bigyan tuon un pagmamahal na un at un ay ang creator ng Love, kundi ang LORD. i always say sa mga youth namin na enjoy muna un pagiging youth at Unahin muna si Lord dahil in the right time bibigay naman nya un greatest love story natin.

    Btw, nun pumunta ako sa TLW office pinabasa saken ni Ate Ree ang book na to kaso mga ilang page lang ata.. 5 pages lang ata. hehe. Sana mabasa ko ulit to.
    God bless po.

  34. I think the best way is to really build an intimate relationship in Christ. We cannot do this- asking God to teach how to love HIM will matter most.

    Spread the Passion for Christ.

  35. hmmmm?
    talkin ’bout crazy things i’ve done for the sake of love?
    A LOT!
    ngawa ko lng nmn mgcutting khit mae npakaimportante kming test nun..
    d ko na cia naisip..
    ang gusto ko lng is mkita cia..
    d nmn masyadong crazy dbaaa? tsk3!

  36. LOVE ! ca2loca tlqa anq mainlub 🙂 but xmpwe mei limitaxons pdn 🙂

    at put GOD first b4 anything else tma ?:)))

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