Directions to TLW Office


1. From Megamall Bldg B,there’s an FX terminal outside if you exit on the San Miguel side.

2. Ride an FX with the sign board “Pasig Palengke”.

The fare is less than 25 pesos. And the travel time is 5-10mins.

3. Tell the driver you are going to ULTRA. Go down at the street across DEPED/ULTRA.

4. You should go down a few meters away before the stoplight.

5. Walk through the small alley between CAR EXCHANGE and Monterey Meat Shop

6. There’s a small entrance through a Sari-Sari store there.

7. This is the short cut to get to our office in San Antonio Village.

8. Then as you walk straight there, you’ll see the Glory of God Building with a brown cross in front.

9. We are on the 5th Floor.

TLW Google Map