Dave Lamar: Men Rise Up!

“MEN RISE UP!” calls out TLW Ambassador Dave Lamar to fellow men. These days, simply owning 6 pack abs validates you as a man in our society. If you have a handsome face to add to your well-toned body, then you’re seen as an epitome of a man. Girls would squeal, “He’s hot!” and because you’re very much pleased with what you hear, you assume that you’ve got what it takes to be a man. Well, you’re wrong.

Dave writes that our view of real men comes from what media feeds us, and most of the time it’s an inaccurate source of shaping our ideas.

It saddens me to think how guys think nowadays. Oh if you don’t drink hard drinks you ain’t a man. If you’re still a virgin, you ain’t a man. If you don’t play sports or talk about sports, well, you’re a little less than a man. And why do guys think like this now? A large part of it is because this is what the media feeds us everyday and this is what we start giving into.

 So what is a real man? Dave sums up his thoughts on what a real man is in three points:

1. A real man is someone that can take and embrace responsibility.

2. A real man is not afraid to stand up for what is right and the truth.

3. A real man is not afraid of being a leader.

What Dave wrote may seem too much of an expectation compared to sweet talking to girls or lifting dumbbells. But no one ever promised that becoming a man is easy. Let’s quit nodding in agreement to the idea that “Boys will be boys” and instead take up ourselves to man up because boys will not always be boys. Boys are meant to become men. Read the rest of Dave’s post here.