Dasmariñas National High School


We are so priviledge to have the opportunity to share with the fourth year students the value of PURITY and making the right decision especially when it comes to Love and Relationships. Every monday for three hours the assigned section for that day will have their true love waits seminar. Each monday about 200 students get to hear about the real meaning of love, the value of waiting and that finishing school is very important. The lessons also discuss the effects of media. Facilitators share about being single and that it is indeed a blessing not a curse. We pray that these young people will know in their heart that they are worth it!






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  1. Kitsune Minamino

    Nice work, team Dasma! Jess, sayang nakatalikod kayo, di nila nakita ang pinaka-guwapong lalaki sa Cavite. Si ma’am elvie, si Sir Randy, si Ma’am joy…uuuy… sikat! Kuya Wem, bakit dilat na dilat ka? Har-har!

  2. secret gurl of I-SSC

    bAkit cila lang? dit0 rin sa st. jude Gust0 namin nyan! Dr. PinEda, pumayag na kau plz…

  3. To God be the Glory!!! I would like to thank the Lord first and foremost for he use me as an instrument to become a part of the lives of this Young People, for sharing and telling them how important purity in their young lives. I am so blessed that God uses me in this noble yet so great important true love waits organization. Young people finds their refuge and comfort through this….a hope……mended heart……and a freedom from bondage, because im not only telling them how important purity is, but how Christ gives hope and forgiveness to anybody who is willing to change. thank you and more power to true love waits. God bless

  4. Wow! You guys are awesome in Dasma!

    I love seeing all of the hundreds of students when I was there. I hope to come check on you again.

    If someone wants to write a short article on your time with the students, we will publish it. Maybe 150 words.


  5. Oh yeah! tell the students about the site https://www.wagmuna.com Let them check it out. Its great that you are doing TLW every monday in the school. I guess its more than 200 every monday. Its amazing there are over 20,000 students at that one high school. Jess told me that you have done TLW for more than 2,000 students so far.

    Wag kang susuko!


  6. di natin kailangan magmadali, don’t force God to let his permissive will be done, let’s wait for the right time. do not expect for the right one but be the right one. the truth is God’s love is enough for us if we just try to know and be with him. His love never fails unlike to a person making promises pero always broken… Join the club of being single but enjoying life with God’s love. To all dasma… guys keep going!!!!! Godbless!!!!!

  7. Its good to see many young people starting to think wat really happen if they allow the pre-marital activity..hope that you continue on helping the youth… as a promise we shall reap if we faint not..
    God bless!

  8. To the admin:

    We are now also reaching young people here in the province Isabela, and many of them are excited..using this kind of workshop about TLW..sending pictures soon! tenx and God bless!

  9. Go0d day po sa inyo, natutuwa po ko sa programa ng school nyo, dahil dito mabibigyan natin ng lakas ng lo0b ang mga bata para unahin ang pag-aaral, pero di nman sa pinipigilan silang umibig hindi po ba? Kelangan din xempre na iwasan ang tukso, at sa tingin ko’y malaki ang maitutulong ng programa nyo, sana’y magpatuloy pa hanggang sa mga susun0d pang henerasyon. Sensya na po kng mejo magulo. Heheh!. Tanx!c”,)

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