Don’t Waste Your Sexuality

Sexual purity means chaste abstinence before marriage and faithfulness

to one woman or one man after marriage.

Moreover, it’s more than sex.

It’s about thoughts, attitudes, sexuality- purity is a lifestyle!

Note that there is a spiral of purity:

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being
transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.

Don’t Waste Your Sexuality!

13 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Sexuality”

  1. Amen to this! i remember the song ” I Promise ” about living in purity and waiting for the perfect someone that God created for each of one of us. Waiting takes a lot of patience, and patience takes a lot of time, so we must have faith to the Lord.

  2. hi, i am trying to research on information with regards true love waits philippines, i would like to share this with my fellow students here at school and at church as well..could you provide me with necessary details?? thanks

  3. about if the guy is forcing you to have sex w/ him…?..iiwasan you ba sya o magpapatuloy na maging friends kayo until dumating yong right time…ako kc ganun yong sitwasyon ko…he is willing namn to wait me in the right time….

  4. Hi Aphrodite,

    If the guy is forcing you to have sex, it blatantly means that is not love and what he wants is to take advantage of you. Be wise and make a stand!
    If he is willing to wait then he is not concern much with sex but to love, respect, value and adore you. If he still insists, he is not worth of your time even your love!


  5. sex is pleasurable but it is only in context of if ur still a single,BE PURE!True LOVE WAITS!

  6. I strongly agree with this: It’s about thoughts, attitudes, sexuality- purity is a lifestyle!


  7. I would say Roxanne that there is a progressive tendency to go more than holding hands.
    Our bodies would ask for more and more until we reach what we dont want to be in.

    Lets pursue purity more than anything else. And truly you can only get it from God. Turning away from our own will and running to him makes it possible.

  8. hai!
    kuya franco..i’ve heard so much about you and i also read your article in KERYGMA issued this month.
    i admired were able to change your ways when you choose to follow God.. kuya i also want to Follow God but i don’t know where to start. i felt ashamed of myself! help me.. 🙁

  9. Hi Keith,

    I would love to meet and chat with you in our office in Metrobank building in Ortigas. Call 6339769 if you have questions.


  10. True love Waits! Let’s wait until God says, “here is the one I have created just for you..”


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