Fashionista ka ba?

FASHION CHALLENGE: How do you know if an outfit is modest or not???

Fight the Tight
“Is my shirt too tight?”
Solution: Try a different bra. If it’s still too tight, get rid of the shirt. It won’t get larger overnight. Buy a larger-sized shirt. Or try a shirt under the button-down to complete the layered-look.

Raise and Praise

Raise & Praise
“Am I showing too much belly?”
Solution: Use layers. Put a longer shirt under a shorter shirt. A ribbed T-shirt or long tank will stay tucked in under a trendy shirt. (If you can’t find a long tank, try the boys’ or men’s department.)

I see London.I see France

I See London. I See France

Solution: Trash your tight pants. For lighter colored pants and skirts use plain white or beige underwear. And as far as bra straps, make sure your tank tops have wide straps to cover what’s underneath.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image

Solution: Today’s skirts are about extremes. Go for extremely long or extremely full, but pass on extremely short. Shorts can be hard to find, but keep looking! Search for shorts with longer inseams.

Bra-lliant Idea

Bra-lliant Idea
“Is my bra not doing the trick?”
Solution: When you wear thinner shirts, wear a lined or padded bra to fully cover yourself. Or return to the layered look.

Avoid the Plunge

Avoid the Plunge
“Is my shirt too low?”
Solution: Try a tank or shirt underneath. Or use a button-down shirt under a polo or V-neck shirt that plunges too low.



Be skinless. Cover up. Be Modest

24 thoughts on “Fashionista ka ba?”

  1. Thank you also…Lovel for the encouragment! If ever you would like to join us we will have some workshops for youth and youth leaders.


  2. Nica, Cheryl, and Lovel – Thanks for your encouragement! You are beautiful ladies. Great idea Kai! This is a fun blog. -Amelia

  3. Also, I’d like to acknowledge Aaron Chouravong, my pogi brother and “fashionisto” photographer. His sound wisdom, advice and late-night talks have truly meant the world to me.

  4. oo nga noh!.. know i can still be “fashionista” and yet be modest aswell.thank you!!!

  5. Hi kuya Derek! Very nice suggestions. Big help for fashionistas who don’t want to compromise modesty…

  6. ….hi im new here……..i would like to join to your topic.hehehhe……… tingin ko ryt na mging modest ang girls…not just in dressing up but also in their actions..

  7. throughout it all, we have to remember that purity begins sa puso, di ba? we could be wearing turtlenecks and headcovers and still not be modest.

  8. Marie L. Escueta

    Congratulations for this positive blog on dress sense!!! Keep it up. Wonderful way to make a fashion statement.

  9. nice… 🙂 dapat nga ganyan kau manamit! este.. tau!:D thanks for the guide… its a great help! but dont forget to add up accessories… 😀 for added grace para kahit simple at covered ka, maenhance niya yung pagiging trendy mo.. 🙂 play when dressing… you’ll like doing it.. 🙂 i do! hahah! 😀
    masarap maging fashionista… kasi you can play with clothes… you can make it meant for something isn’t meant to be… hahaha! ang labo ba? basta…. yun na yun…
    TC everyone! keep modesty and fashion in our hearts!

  10. i agree with that being fashionista is my trend i really love to wear clothes in my own style and i want to be unique in wearing clothes as long as i can carry my fashion well and be confident to wear it. it is really cool……

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