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Want to know the TRUTH…you must believe. So, is truth whatever we decide in our hearts to believe? We cannot just believe whatever we feel like is right or what seems korek, there is no such thing as multiple truths.

A wise man once said “The way of the fool seems right to him, but the wise person listens to advice. Often we get email from people who say “Hi came across your site by accident” well… sa akin…minsan may accidents sa  EDSA… alam niyo MAY BANGGA…  pero… sa buhay mo….  Focus your eyes on the things you know are right!

If your eyes are going to the wrong sites…and well you make some bad choices… its a choice. So bad choices are on purpose. Bahala Ka…tama ba yan?…and we don’t want to ever say “why did God let me do this thing”


Does it feel like life, is like a picture show, not quite real, but pain and loss affect your soul.  And many times we’re left without a place to go. Through it all I’ve learned about the way it ought to be and set my minid free, through the things I can see…Can you feel the Supernatural, And can you feel the way he wants to love. In a life that’s so fragile. Can you feel the Supernatural. Look around and see the wonders of His hand. There’s a plan, there’s no one here by circumstance. I believe that no one here is here by chance.Through it all I’ve learned about the way it ought to be and set my mind free through the things I can see….                                                                                                                  

Lyrics from the song Supernatural by Salvador.

I know you might have clicked on this blog thinking something else….well for that I am sorry. But if I encouraged you today for that I am glad. At True Love Waits we are here to help you and also to help your friends. We know its possible that you might have some friends that are in need of a Supernatural rescue…from a bondage that is more powerful than themselves…. for this…..Zaido cannont help….. Pulis Pangkalawakan….well sorry, Obi one kanobi and Zaido are just fiction….

Jesus is real and Supernatural!                                            

Remember it is God’s overwhelming Love, Grace & Mercy that enables us to rise out of any stuggle.  Come by our place in Ortigas if you want to experience the Force!

Pray for Salvador, they want to come to Manila!

Kuya Derek !

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  1. Hey! Gwen,

    Our office is just near Mega Mall

    Corner of Julia Vargas / San Miguel Avenue

    Look for McDo and Banco De Oro

    We are in the Metro Bank Bldg

    Hope to see YOU!

    and any other True Love Waiters out there and Waitresses!

    Kuya Derek National Director True Love Waits Philippines

  2. I love Salvador. Great song.

    Thanks for the encouragement Kuya Derek. Just wanted to share a word.

    I think it’s so important to have a sense of wonder when it comes to God. Often times, although we don’t mean to, we place limitations on God. We try to make Him in our image, instead of realizing we are made in His image.

    We think that if things are bad, God is angry. If things are good, God is obviously rewarding us. Nope. God is not a schizophrenic.

    The beautiful thing about God’s love is grace—unmerited favor. It is not entitled to us, we don’t deserve it, but God freely gives it to us. In that grace, there is power that defeated death and rose from grave, the same power that created the heavens and earth, the same power that healed the sick.

    Grace came as a person—-Jesus. Once we accept Jesus, we can begin to live victorious in the war that He has already won.

    We don’t have to live in condemnation when we mess up, but proclaim God’s eternal power and love to forgive. The war is won; the Holy Spirit is willing to fight every battle with and for you. You are not alone when you are by yourself in the dark room or in front of the computer.

    Shed that yoke of burden, and find rest in Christ. As you begin to wonder about God and receive revelation about how WONDERFUL He is, you realize all strength and power to remain pure is from Him.

    In your rest, He’ll give you dreams.

    Work from that rest, not to it. The more intimate we are with God, the wisdom He imparts allow us to guard our hearts.

    When it came to lust, it took a Godly sorrow (to know that my impurity hurts God because He LOVES me and has a plan for me for something so much better) to bring about repentance. In repentance, I didn’t want to hurt the Holy Spirit anymore. I wanted to pursue how to show my love to God.

    I didn’t deserve that love, but because of that love, I can fight the good fight and live the calling of purity. I began my accountability, my transparency with my brothers in Christ. And the Holy Spirit healed my heart.

    When I messed up, God simply said, “I love you still; I forgave you already; let’s go, there’s life to live.” When I realized I didn’t have to fight, I don’t have to “impress” God by my ability, and I just let the Spirit begin to teach me and I listened, what was already dead (lust) was finally buried.

    Live loved. Persevere loved. Live victorious.

  3. hannah alyssa gallo

    ,,hello po..

    ang ganda po ng website niyo..

    may tanong po sana ako..

    bakit po ang hirap magbago pag nakasanayan mo na yung isang

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