Get Together Day at the Bazaar

Hi Dear Volunteers!

This might be our last gathering for this year! We want to celebrate Christmas with you all the whole day!  Your fellow volunteers have prepared games where you can enjoy and bond with your friends and new-found friends at TLW! Please make sure that you will get to know your fellow TLW Volunteers there.

To recognize whether you are a volunteer or someone who loves TLW, please wear your TLW Baller or TLW shirt. If you don’t have one, you can buy on the day itself.

Please invite more people to come with you.  We are opening this day for everybody! Watch out also, for we are inviting a few artists to sing for us 

Don’t forget to bring money so you can buy some gift items to give to your loved ones. When you buy something at the Bazaar, you are already contributing to TLW Philippines and Yolanda survivors. 

This is how we celebrate Christmas: We GIVE. We don’t just party and wait to be served. We are the first ones to share to others.

Have a Merry Christmas!  Please don’t forget to confirm on our Facebook Event Page


Post by Leslie Vergara, TLW Volunteer Coordinator