Girls, We Know You’re Struggling. We’re Here To Help.

Girls struggling with pornography? Lust? Masturbation? It may sound unheard of because girls are often considered clean, good, and sweet compared to boys.  According to UP Population Institute’s recent study on Filipino youth, while males have been exposed more to pornographic materials, 28.4% of female youth have read pornographic materials, 38.1% watched pornographic movies/videos, and 5.1% visited websites with sexually explicit content. Our idea that “girls simply don’t have this kind of problem,” might be wrong after all.

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Girls and boys may be different but both struggle in pursuing sexual purity. Jessica Harris, author of Beggar’s Daughter, struggled with pornography. She sought for a way out, but wherever she turned everyone thinks that girls just don’t have this kind of problem. Through various circumstances, during Fall in one of her college years, she heard a different message: We know some of you struggle with pornography and masturbation, and we’re here to help. It gave Jessica hope and since then has made it her mission to spread the same message.

Jessica Harris will be coming to the Philippines for three weeks from June 23-July 16. If you are interested in having Jessica come to your school or church for a speaking engagement during her stay in the Philippines, please email us at Follow Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study in facebook.