Hello To Heaven

Rejection. Bitterness. Loneliness. Grief. We see these every day. The woman at the corner who has had nothing to eat for a week now. The little boy who has never known what it feels like to wear slippers or a new set of clothes. The man who has just lost his job. The little girl who has never known her real family.

These are stories—real stories of people we pass by everyday. Yet it seem so surreal, so different from what we know. We’re ordinary people living ordinary lives. How can we help anyone at all, especially strangers? Why should we even help them?

Take a look around you. Look into the eyes of your friend. She just wants someone to talk to, someone to listen. Take a good look at your classmate—he just wants to know someone cares. Beneath those smiling, laughing masks are souls crying out for help. Underneath that make-up and tough exterior is a broken heart. And yet… is there anything we can do?

Help them. Stop and listen. Give them love, show them affection. Acel Bisa’s latest song, Hello to Heaven, is an encouraging call for us to reach out and grant a little bit of “heaven” to those who are suffering, by reaching out with Christ’s love. When we see someone less fortunate than we are, the best way we can reach out to them is to help them. The best way to show God cares is to show that we care.

It doesn’t have to be grand. It doesn’t mean we have to do something big, something worth reporting on nationwide TV. We just need to do what we can in our own little way. We just need to allow God to work in us to reach out and touch their hearts. It can be just as simple as giving an encouraging hug to the friend who needs it today. It can be resolving to speak more kindly to your brothers and sisters. Sharing your baon with someone who doesn’t have any food. Giving away that extra pair of slippers. Listening to those who need someone to talk to. In those small, simple ways, you can bring a little bit of “heaven,” and a little bit of God’s love, to the ones who need it most.

Download Hello To Heaven for free HERE.


Post by Alyssa Chua, TLW Volunteer. Alyssa is a Sojourner and Explorer. When she is not chasing stardust in distant lands, she is curled up in a quiet corner, reading a book or attempting to write one, Root beer and coffee are bare necessities. To read more of her ramblings, visit http://peraldaiel.blogspot.com.