Human Sexuality Week at San Beda College Alabang

We were invited today to SanBeda College Alabang to do a talk for their Human Sexuality Week Sept.19, 2006. The topic we discussed is Love Education not Sex Education because we believe that if we make right choices when entering into a relationship it will make life more meaningful and that as young people there’s no need for us to experience early pregnancies, std’s and aids but more importantly heartbreaks.

We emphasized the fact that being single is a blessing and that as students we should finish school first and be mature in every aspect of our lives. And include prayer in every decision that we make especially when it comes to choosing our future mate. And that as a person “You’re worth it!”

San Beda Boys and Girls San Beda Boys and Girls

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    Good one…

    We need to hear more from the greatest students in the country…San Bedanians…

    We want to come back and give you some tickets to our upcoming event.

    Ask you guidance if we can post a poster.

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