I did it my way…

you are lovedSometimes I take the MRT going to work and it’s seldom for me to get a free newspaper, but yesterday there are couples left so I picked one and just browsing the content I know there’s a purpose why I was able to get the paper. There’s one news that caught my attention. There’s a guy whose soon to graduate next year and he decided to graduate sooner he commit suicide because his girlfriend broke up with him. I’ve heard this kind of news before but it’s only now that it really came as a shock I don’t know the guy or the girl but that doesn’t change the fact that there are young people out there who doesn’t get the true meaning of love so they are not living the life that is meant to enjoy fully.

In this kind of situation whose to blame is it the guy, the gir or is it LOVE…aren’t we supposed to strive to live longer for our loveones not ending it sooner…We have given Love a thousand even million different meanings or interpretation but what is it really???God is Love the beginning and end of the four-letter word. And it brings us to life, so people out there who are thinking of commiting suicide due to different reasons I just want to say DON’T DO IT YOUR WAY there’s always somebody that will love you non-stop and that’s God.

Here in true love waits we just want you to know that we are praying and believing that


2 thoughts on “I did it my way…”

  1. Hello there.. I’m Jovel, 19 years old. just wanna say thank you for being an encouragement to the young generation and for enlightening our mind about the real love. It’s really true that we need to entrust our love life to the author of it,our Lord Jesus Christ. May God’s anointing be with you.. and may God bless you more!

  2. Hey Jovel!

    Thanks, YOu are the one that is the encouragement, kc you are a testimony. God did bless us today with your heart and your comment.


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