I Hate Men!

I hate men! And I have every reason to hate them. Okay, before you judge me, hear my piece first.

First off, my father abandoned us (my Mom, I and my younger brother) when I was but a year and few months old.

Second, there never was an ideal older male-figure in the family. My grandfathers and uncles were workaholic, alcoholic or gamblers.

Third, while I was growing up my playmates and classmates would torment me with jokes and remarks about my skin tone (I have a dark complexion) and my “not-so-perfect” nose.

From grade school to high school I rarely associate with, much more befriend boys. They have caused far too much pain and humiliation. I do not even remember having a close “guy” friend, except for my “gay” friends (if they even count) when I was young. I did not go out with anyone and as expected I did not have any boyfriends. I thought, boy, are there still any good guys around?

When I came to know the Lord, He reminded me why He gave Adam an Eve. And it was to help him take care of His creation – to be his companion, his partner. But everything changed when sin entered the picture. The bone of our bone, the flesh of our flesh became our worst enemy. A son against his father, a daughter versus her mother, a friend betraying a friend. Even the closest, most important person in our life can inflict the deepest pain and vice-versa.

Avoiding and hating men did not help me deal with and resolve my issues. They just made matters worse. It turned me into a professional man-hater. Anger consumed half of my life. It almost ruined me. It is one of the most draining, lonely and grueling experiences to go through.

I realize men could still hurt me (and it is no excuse for them to intentionally do so;) they could still be a dork; and they could still bring out the worst in me. However, the Lord could also use men to mold me into the person I have to be. They could also be great allies and friends and they could bring out the best in me!

Once in awhile I still encounter the “bad” tomatoes in the bunch. I still struggle with the “men are all the same,” “I could never trust men,” and “they are a pain in the neck” modes. Men will be men. Who says women are perfect anyway?

God’s words through Paul reminded me how to look at and treat the opposite sex in spite of our humanity or inhumanity, “Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.”

LJ Salceda

Radio Jock

Inspirations Unlimited, DZAS

10 thoughts on “I Hate Men!”

  1. hey.. i thought i twas another one of those literature-against-us-men.. but your right, we are not perfect, and perhaps the reason God created eve is to make the portion of an adam, somewhat whole..

  2. heya all!

    thanks for reading my article and for posting your feedback!

    miegze and vampire -> exactly what i said on the latter part of my article. 😀 hope u were able to read and get my conclusion.


  3. hi…. “every person is a gift” like i always telling to my youth church mate. they come in our life with purpose and different purpose. some of then brings hurt and hatred. but always God purpose always prevailing.
    Hurt is just not remain as hurt, we must treat it as challenge which helping us our character, personality and showing that only GOD can help us and only our need.
    Thanks for your testimony.. May God bless you always..

  4. not all men are bad!!! like they’ve said a while ago,,, but one thing is certain that God created woman so that they might fulfill their needs…. because in behind of the success of the man is a woman but in behind of his failure is also a woman… God bless you guys!!!

  5. Dear LJ,
    Just Remember The Lord Jesus Christ was a Man.And Also His Apostles.God Bless.I want to be in your Friendster.I always listen to you in DZAS.Youre a real Blessing.
    More Power,

  6. Hi Ms. LJ! I appreciate your being bold on the subject…i thank God for opening your heart and the readers on this side of the web as well, that man of God still exists. Men that can be trusted, destined to lead and serve, be co-accountable in her walk with God, willing to love and be loved in God’s definition. We are partners in this life in preparation for eternity.

    I believe our Father is blessing you!!!

    Thank God for your life, Keep on shinning for Jesus!!!

    k.cris [=)

  7. I appreciate all your comments everyone! Many thanks! My prayer is that we (whether man or woman) be the person that God wants us to be.


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