I Want To Get Married And Be A Mom

True Love Waits focuses on Connecting Filipino Youth with God and His Plan for Absolute Purity. But…. After I’ve waited and found the Godly future husband that I’ve eagerly waited for…. It’s my dream to get married and be a mom!

  • Years of Study
  • Multiple Courses
  • Post Graduate Degree
  • Pursue Success
  • Make A Name In Your Industry

People often ask, “Why be a mom and waste all of your education?”

It’s true, there’s no baccalaureate degree for motherhood and by society it is not considered a career. It’s the most intense profession anyone can have, requiring a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual investment.

There are many callings. Such as preachers and teachers. I have resolved in my heart that if I had to give up everything to be able to fulfill the calling of being a mom, I will.

My mom is my second most crucial influencer next to Jesus. She is my go to person whenever I have issues. She always knows when I am going through something. She is my first teacher, cook, friend, and doctor. My mom is also the first heart that I’ve broken.

So, I praise God for my mom. Even in the difficulty of my mom moving abroad two years ago, separated by time zones and her physical touch; I still had her true love. It was her love and words of encouragement that showed me how to survive life. The first months were difficult but all that she taught me became my strength. All that she was, I became.

However, today whenever I see kids with their moms, I still wish in my heart that my mom was here.

In True Love Waits, we teach that true love is selfless, commitment, unconditional and that true love is pure.

This defines my mom and the way she served her five children. Her selfless love and her desire to be an excellent mother to us made her set aside her own plans.

Today, the Lord allowed her to spread her own wings and experience new things. She sacrificed her life raising us, and now as her child, I will support her. It’s Revolutionary Love as in the talk with True Love Waits. It is Love that thinks highly of the other person and less of one’s self.

Through my mom’s unfailing love and sacrifices, I see motherhood as a calling – a high calling. Mothers are chosen by God. In the same way Eve was made through Adam and through her, all the people of the earth were born. So also Mary to be the physical mother of Jesus Christ or Elizabeth to give birth to John the Baptist or Hannah to birth Samuel and you to your mother. God’s word says –

 For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. – Psalm 139:13


Our mothers are God’s instruments in shaping us to be who we are. Even the non-biological mothers, our Aunts, teachers and Spiritual mothers, they are all chosen by God as co-workers in shaping our hearts and minds towards a life that is God glorifying.

Again, next to Jesus, without our mothers, we are nothing. Salute to all mothers out there! You are meant to be celebrated! Happy Mother’s day! Indeed, you are blessed! And I want to get married and be a MOM!







Jeanne Mae Estrada or simply Jeanne is a TLW volunteer, a Professional Teacher, and an outgoing introvert. She loves how the mountains make her heart beat fast and how the seas calm her soul. Her ultimate desire is to become a wife to her future husband and a mother of twins. Jeanne encourages you to volunteer at True Love Waits Philippines to help Connect Filipino Youth with God and His Plan for Absolute Purity https://wagmuna.com/volunteer/ or share with your youth org or school to https://wagmuna.com/invite-us/ To empower our team to reach our nation you might consider supporting the great work that we do and join us in investing in the next generation of our nation’s youth https://wagmuna.com/invest/