I was a Choice

Marijo Phelps

jeremiah1Lifting sunlit eyes
Many faceted green
You wrought
When I was but
Womb bound

You brought
All Your pre-thought
To be
Together found

Sperm and ova unitedimg_1136
Breath of life
You breathed
Holy Spirit ordained
Pre-held little one

Joyfully known
By the hosts
Of heaven
Before my mother
Had a clue

Cherished of God
Before my mother
Shed tears
Earthly sorrow

She made her choice
I was given life
To grow
And glow and know

psalmsWhat You planned
For two celled
Plans in time
And then Eternity

She’s with You now
And I thank her still
Her difficult choice
My life, my breath
As she exercised her will.

2 thoughts on “I was a Choice”

  1. Thanks for publishing my heart felt piece – and thank you, Mom for making the choice to allow me life…..I know it couldn’t have been easy but in the long run was much better than the other “option”…..

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