In Heat for Love?

In Heat for Love, Like Cats and Dogs?

Stray cats and dogs are everywhere. They multiply and go wherever they want to.  At night, cats can just trespass on your house roof and pick cat fights. Stray dogs sometimes like to pick fights at midnight too. These domestic animals can just ruin what should be a peaceful night rest for humans. The consequences of their rackets are fellow cats and dogs turned into “pulutan” or more often found dead in garbage bins.

Killing and disposing of animals is cruel to say the least. After all, they are just the products of males and females who could not help themselves and are merely following their animal instincts.

We humans are more fortunate. We have a brain that can process data and arrange them according to importance, and we have the Reason that informs us about the sensibility of certain actions. We also have a Free Will—that mysterious gift that allows us to chart our own course and to choose between several alternatives. But are we really that different from cats and dogs?

The subject of human sexuality has produced serious studies, debates, drama, art, articles, advertisements, and pornography. It has spun off into raging controversies like legislation on population control and “reproductive health.” Like cats and dogs, many humans just have sex as if we don’t have Intellect and Free Will, grasping at “freedom” to do what we want without the responsibility.


Because of this we have generated a culture that proclaims: “If it feels good, then it’s right.” Rather than uphold our dignity as spiritual beings with bodies, we choose to behave like cats and dogs, surrendering to our baser instincts to “do it” with whoever, wherever, and whenever.

Then claiming that we cannot control ourselves, we resort to contraceptives to prevent unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.

The irony of it all is that, use of contraceptives has encouraged more irresponsible behavior and a degeneration of morals. It makes us think that we can have sex and defend, “We’re protected anyway.”

Government information campaigns downplay the failure rates of these methods. In countries where liberal use of artificial contraceptives has been the practice, there have been more unplanned and unwanted pregnancies as evidenced by the rise in abortion numbers, whether legal or illegal. Unlike cats and dogs who take care of their litters as they come along, and don’t deliberately snuff out their lives, we humans possess the capacity to abort our children. Dead babies have been found in garbage bins. The international abortion statistics are staggering.

Artificial contraception denies the human capacity for self-control and cheapens human value. It is like a situation where an individual eats excessively, then tries to gain a slim figure through bulimia or liposuction. Balanced diet and exercise are too much of an effort. Sexual abstinence is too much of an effort. We often defend that “We are only humans,” because we refuse to acknowledge that we have descended to the level of cats and dogs.

But there’s still hope for humans and it all depends on the choice we make: to become like cats and dogs or to uphold our human dignity. It’s your choice!

Based on The Clarion Editorial: Like Cats and Dogs by Maria Andrea Mendigo

10 thoughts on “In Heat for Love?”

  1. Florely N. Canario

    definitely right.. i commend God for enabling the author of this write up to come up with this topic. ill keep on praying that tru this website many minds will be enlighten and would give up exercising sex beyond the realms of marriage. though our desires to this matter is too fervent yet i know that it takes much courage and infinite enthusiasm to keep on facing the challenges of the move we have choosen.. im one with you in achieving a spiritually blameless community.. GBU all.

  2. been so long since i last visited the website.. but still it did not failed to capture my interest.

    thanks for the article, i hope many would read this to open up their minds. it is true, we are always saying that we vare only human, prone to mistakes and failures, but Our Father did not just put as on earth without a defense for our weaknesses, most especially are humanly drives, if we’ll only submit ourselves to him, then it will be easier for us to control ourselves.
    i’ve been a victim of my own sexual drive, but when i submitted myself to Him, He restored what had been lost and i made a covenant with Him to stay pure again.
    likely, everyone has a freedom to do that, to submit and obey. let’s make a right choice.

    more power guys and i will share this to my friends.. 🙂

  3. Hi Kurinmei,

    Actually what is happening today already happened long time ago.We understand that the only remedy that can save us is Jesus Christ alone. His power to change us inside out can take ripple to transform one life at a time. The question is “Has Jesus Christ changed you inside and living in you today?”

  4. thanks admin.. 🙂 i’m from San Pedro,Laguna, a province down Manila.. i would really like to volunteer for TLW. would you be conducting any seminars near our place? it would really be a great help for the teenagers like me living in our place.. 🙂 thank you again and more powers. Godbless po.. 🙂

  5. I love it….

    Hopefully marami pa ang makabasa
    nang article nato…. Coz it can help
    a lot…especially sa mga young people
    na kagaya ko…

    Very interesting talaga..! Tnx po

    God bless

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