Incredible Rescue

In a village in India in 2006, a young boy named Prince fell into a 60-foot-deep hole. The hole’s opening had only a sack over it, and it was just the right size for a young boy to fall deep into the hole. After local police made an attempt to get him out, the army was called.

Boy RescuedFor the next two days, men removed large amounts of mud from an abandoned well that was 10 feet away from the hole into which Prince had fallen. Rescuers constantly spoke to the boy to comfort and encourage him. Oxygen was pumped into the hole as well. The army continued digging into the well creating a pipe-reinforced passageway to connect them to Prince. The boy was eventually rescued because of the work of five soldiers in the well and passageway. Like Prince, you too have been rescued!

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age.

The rescue was planned with you and humanity in mind long ago.  We are able to understand and experience grace, love and peace because Jesus rescued you from evil by being our sacrifice on the cross. God wants you and everyone you know, and even those you don’t know, to experience this incredible rescue.

We don’t have a clue what’s happening in your life. Maybe some of you are tossed back and forth by big tidal waves. Some are trapped in a certain past and hard to move on. Others are overwhelmed with big mountains of problems they have in life. What ever it is, “Do you need a rescue?”

You need an incredible rescue from a great Savior.

That’s Jesus Christ!

5 thoughts on “Incredible Rescue”

  1. i believed i’ve been rescued now by a stranger..i mean stranger coz i dont know her personally..she rescued me by inviting me to attend The Feast.. right after that day,,i felt that my burden and emotional baggage is continously getting better… hope this will continue till im fully healed from my hurts.

  2. Jesus rescued me..and i realized that JESUS must be our priority..tnx sa camp(JGXC HISTORY MAKER) dahil maraming narevil sa life ko at marami ding nabago..tulungan nyo po akong mag pray nah maging consistent sa mga commitment ko kay God..

  3. kimBerLy ClaUdine

    hey… may God BleSS u More aNd fill You More With His wisdom and KnowLedge to encourage More thE otHer Y.P…wejajaja.. ThanKs For sharing This ArTicle..

    God Bless You PO…

  4. naun ko lang to nabasa,..

    yah,.. i think i need a rescue,.. kaso minsan kahit na nirerescue Niya na tayo, tayo naman yung ayaw na magparescue,.. ahay.. kaya ayun tuloy lalo tayong napapahamak,..

    God sana di ka magsawa na irescue kami from whatever problems we have,.. ?

  5. Moreover Claire, God desires us to run with all of our life to Him.
    Pursue God. Ask him to give you strength and desire to know and enjoy Him forever.


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