Infatuation vs. Love: Round 1

How do I know if I am really in love or infatuated?

There is an emotion that can feel as strong as love (because it involves your hormones!), but it isn’t love — it’s infatuation. What is infatuation anyway? What’s the difference between infatuation and real love?

now here, later gone!

-is an emotion. Real love is deeper than just emotion. Emotions can’t always be trusted. They will change as circumstances around you change. (For example, when your sick, tired, stressed, fearful, etc.) You are so obsessed with someoone you fail to see any faults.

-is love at first sight–fireworks!–bells! You can be infatuated with someone you have never met, like a moviestar, or someone you notice at school. Real love takes time. It’s a growing experience based on shared interest, beliefs, and attitudes. A fantasy that is created in one’s mind based on emotion of how things would be if they were paired with another (often specific) person.

-may lead to love over time, but it is not love. Infatuation only takes. Love gives. Infatuation wants to know “What in this for me?” Love says, “What can I do for you? How can I make you a success? How can I meet your needs?”.

-is insecure. Infatuation gets jealous and unreasonable. Love doesn’t. Infatuation fades with time, separation, or change. Love won’t. You’ve heard it said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, that is only true with real love. Being apart will kill infatuation over time, because it must take to survive. When someone else comes along who has more to give, infatuation will switch its attention from an old flame to a new one.

-is fueled by passion and lust. Love runs on respect. Example David said he loved Kay and wanted to marry her when they graduated from college. Just before their senior year, Kay’s face was scarred in an automibile accident. By Christmas, David broke off the engagement because he said he no longer loved Kay. What David felt wasn’t real love that says, I love you unconditionally, no matter what. It was infatuation that said, I cared because you were…pretty (or sexy, rich, popular, etc.)

Now that we defined what infatuation is, it’s time for you to analyze your relationship with the person you’re with now.

Next blog we will talk about what is TRUE LOVE.

Know if you are IN LOVE or IN LUST…before it’s too late!

Analyze this!


10 thoughts on “Infatuation vs. Love: Round 1”

  1. this blog is so good. ryt now i really like someone and i thought its love already until i read this blog..this make me clear that what i feel for that someone is only an infatuation! thanks for helping!

  2. great blog! i can really relate to this. i realized that emotions can deceive us at times, and it is also one reason why sometimes we are pressured to take relationships to the next level. i think that we should not to jump into relationships just because we feel that we have to or we think that what we feel is real love because feelings cannot always be trusted. we should give ourselves time to evaluate our emotions for us to know if it is real love or just plain infatuation. this would help to keep us from being with the wrong person, getting hurt or hurting others.

  3. wt if u r already took ur time to let all your emotions to subside but then the feelings are still there? i thought it will only pass, after months of not seeing that person, the feelings seems to mature also what I mean is not in a selfish way of making that person special among other people around you. I just keep telling myself that maybe Gods has a big reason about this one, and convince myself that things will turn right soon….

  4. i have this guy who told me that he really love me but after reading this blog i just realized that maybe it’s just infatuation.. =( pero i do love him.. the problem is.. baka infatuation lng din ‘tong nararamdaman ko =(

  5. halimbwa,khit matagal na,say 4 yrs,tas pag di magkausap or magkasama,parang nagfe-fade,tas bumabalik ulit pag nagkita ulet,infatuation pa rin po ba un?!?!

  6. waAaAhHhH,, cguro nga infatuation lng ang nrrmdman q 4 him… ewan q b qng bkit aq ngkkgn2,, pro diz blog do helps me a lot to realize many things… wish q lng tlga and lging pinag-ppray n sna mhalin nya din aq 1 tym,, sna xa n lng ung gusto ni Lord 4 me… hehe,, anyway, God’s plan is better than our plans ryt?!?!!? so,, worry no more…..

  7. waaaaaaaaaaahh..infatuation lhan ata tohng nrrmdman aus lhan..uala n kme..pinaglaruan lhan nia co..hahaha..!hai.,=s

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