Is it ok to kiss???


According to Mr. Webster "to kiss is to touch lightly and gently with the lips especially as a mark of affection". Now let's answer the question as for me, the only people who are allowed to be involved in physical or intimate acts such as kissing or huggging are the those who are Married. It's one of the benefits of married people but our world dictates another and that is it's ok to kiss even if your only bf/gf. We are forgetting that our body that includes our lips are not meant for giveaways, perfume tester or a promo. Our body is where God's Spirit lives He wants us to take care of the place where He hangs out.


I found an article that says Be careful when you kiss-you might get sick, the following are the diseases she talks about cold sores, common colds, influenza, meningococcal disease, mononucleosis, mumps, sorethroat, strep throat, cytomegalovirus infections, hepa b and some forms of bacterial meningitis:

i kidded dating goodbye

In the book by Joshua Harris I Kissed Dating Goodbye he tells of his plan to kiss his wife Shannon for the first time at the altar. Now that's a refreshing thought. There's actually more to gain on that principle. That's why we should not go around kissing anyone and everyone just for the fun of it.

Save your first kiss it's definitely worth it!

If you gave it away already be careful this time. 


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  1. oo nga!…i agree with wagmuna hanggang marriage…it’s at that point that God intends a man and woman to truly become isa…. 

    I have been kissed…and honestly i wish i would have waited, but i was nieve and thought…”it’s just a kiss, no big deal”, but it is a big deal! it is a part of becoming one…God changed my views on kissing and relationships five years ago…He made me realize that both are very significant…God wants the best for me, you, and everyone…and i also want the best for myself…my heart and lips are locked until God gives someone, my future mate, the keys to open them.

  2. Thanks Cat! Like Raffiki said in “The Lion King”…. “You cant change the past, but you can change the Future!”. Tama ba?

    We miss you!


  3. yeah it is right! but what if ive kissed someone or vise versa, but he is my first and last.. is it ok? our relationship is on bf/gf stage but we talk about marrying each other more often.. that he really want me to be his lifetime partner. and i do believe in him.. and kita ko naman yun sa kanya .. is it ok.. please do make a comment here.. thank you po!

  4. at my age of 21, i experienced my first kiss with my first BF.. he kissed me 1st through cheeks, and then he tried to kiss me through lips… he taught me and then i response with his kiss… but now my age is 24 and still he’s my BF… i wonder if kiss is a sin… !!!! ???

  5. Hi Mariz,

    Talking about marriage very often in your relationship/or having marriage plans are not sure guarantees that you will really end up together. I used to have a bf after my debut and i thought he would be my first and last kiss. And we did talk of marriage aloooooooooooot. Our relationship ended 8 years ago and it’s been my prayer that I will be able to give my next kiss to my future husband. It is still best to wait/save your first kiss until you exchange your marital vows. But even if you had given it (first kiss) away already, you can save your next kiss for your wedding day. &;D

  6. Well, saving ur kiss will glorify God. It will also save you from any regrets after any broken relationships. Girls have to be very careful in this area of life, we are very precious on God’s eyes kya He want’s us to give our only all to our future mate. It will truly save us from any hurt. I believe when we meet mr. right/ms right we must be complete and hindi bawas. nababwasan tayo whenever we tend to give our heart to anyone assuming he/she will be our future partners. well, we really ahve to pray about this na complete tayo sa harap ng Lord at sa future partner ntin. We need Grace to resist the lust of the flesh.

  7. hindi sin ang kissing kung yan ay naaayon sa plano ni Lord. At pag-dating sa intimacy naniniwala akong isa lang ang plano Niya… lahat nang iyan ay para sa mga mag-asawa at hindi kung kani-kanino lamang.
    Mahirap mag-antay, pero the BEST ang makakamtan mo! Makapag-antay sana kau mga prinsepe’t prinsesa! =]

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